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Map Marker Kit


Map Marker Kits have many different functions based on your location in the Parallel Kingdom world. If you are in a Dungeon, using a Map Marker Kit will create a Dungeon Map that gives you directions from the entrance of the Dungeon to the room you are currently in. If you are on Land, you have the ability to select the Map Marker Kit directly and create a Territory Map. You can also tap on most buildings and structures on Land and Mark Location, which creates a marker that's view-able on your Compass (similar to a Treasure Map). When you are in the Sky, you can tap buildings and structures and Mark Location as well, which will create a new Map Marker that you can view on your Compass whenever you select the View Compass Sky Map option. When you choose to Mark Location, you are making a reusable waypoint that can be seen and set as a Waypoint from your Compass. Map Marker Kits enable a player to mark most buildings and other structures on Land as well as in the Sky.

Map Marker Kits can be used to create Map Marker Maps.

As mentioned before, Map Marker Kits allow you to mark most buildings and structures on land and in the sky. In order to Mark a building, you'll first need to have a Map Marker Kit in your inventory. Find the structure that you want to Mark, tap it, and select the option labeled Mark Location (Cost: 1 Map Marker Kit). When you do this, you'll be asked to name the structure you are marking. Upon a successful marking, one Map Marker Kit will be removed from your Inventory and a new Map Marker will be placed into your Map Atlas using the name you specified. For example, if you named your Marker "Tree Farm", your new Map Marker will be named "Tree Farm Map Marker". You cannot visit the Marked structure from the Map Marker itself, but it will show up on the Compass and can be set as a Waypoint so you can return to it.

Simply put, the Map Marker Kit combines the functionality of the following Kits that can be crafted:

Map Marker Kits can be used by anyone, but a player needs Cartography Level 1 in order to Craft a Map Marker Kit. Map Marker Kits are also able to be dropped and/or traded.

Materials Needed to Craft One:

Dump Value: 12 Gold

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