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Merchant Potion

Merchant Potion

Materials Required to Craft One
5 chaos_cap.png
Chaos Cap
25 merchant_token.png
Merchant Token
5 sun_seed.png
Sun Seed

Merchant Potion Benefits

The Merchant Potion allows you to earn 7% more gold from monsters.

How to Craft a Merchant Potion

To craft a Merchant Potion, navigate to Menu → Create → Craft → Craft Token Potion and select Merchant Potion. Enter the quantity of Merchant Potions you wish to craft. If you have enough of the above required materials, you will begin crafting. When you are done crafting, all of the Merchant Potions you've created can be found in your Inventory.

Notable Information:

  • This Potion will last 1 hour.
  • This Potion remains active on you, even if you die.
  • Any Specialization can use this Potion.
  • This Potion is able to be dropped.
  • This Potion is able to be traded or sold in a Trade Post.

This Merchant Potion is one of the many different Specialization Token Potions that you are able to craft using Specialization Tokens. If you do not have enough Specialization Tokens to craft the Potion that you want, or if you want to try a Potion crafted from another Specialization's Tokens, you may be able to find one at your Nearest Trade Post or the Largest Trade Hub.

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