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Metal Golem

metal_golem_banish.png metal_golem_dead.png metal_golem_fire.png metal_golem_honed.png metal_golem_ice.png metal_golem_poison.png metal_golem_shade.png

Metal Golems above, from left to right: Banish, Dead, Fire, Honed, Ice, Poison, Shade.

Metal Golems are one of the many monsters you can find in a Tower of the Golem dungeon. They spawn when you walk across a Golem Trap, unless one of your friends untraps you before the trap's timer expires. When battling these golems, they may apply one of the many metal effects on you as if you were battling player with a metaled weapon. For example: while battling a green Poison Golem, you may become poisoned. Battling a blue Metal Golem may cause the ice effect to be applied to you. (Banish Golems have no metal effect, fortunately!)

(Note: These were all of the metals in existence at the time Metal Golems were first discovered, and none have yet been observed of any sky metal type.)

Drops: 1 iron ore

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