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Midas Glove


When these are equipped, you receive a 20% increased amount of Gold when dumping items, rounded down.

Where to Find
Midas Gloves need to be crafted.

Crafting Requirements

Weight: 1.0kg
Dump value: 150g


Each time you dump an item or group of items while wearing the gloves, the gloves will wear 1%, regardless of the number of items dumped (dumping 1 Gyront_Shell or 1000 Gyront shells at a time, for example, will cause 1% wear to the gloves).

Calculations determining the 20% bonus are rounded down and are made based upon individual items, so things like Crude Oil that normally dump for 4 gold will not change while wearing these gloves (4 * 20% = 0.8, when rounded down it equals a bonus of 0 Gold).

The gloves will work with automatically dumped weapons/armor from wearing Magnetic_Boots. Each item dumped in this manner will cause 1% wear to the gloves.