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Limited Edition Items

Every so often PK releases some new items that are only available for a short time.

All these limited edition items are persistent, so they will never be consumed and never go away. They can all be traded in trade posts. The items will only be for sale for a short period of time and then they will be discontinued after that.

Read about all of them here: Limited Edition Items

Stay tuned to the Update Hut to find out when new items will go on sale!


A "buff" is a temporary bonus to a character or monster. A good example of these would be when you take an Inspiration Tonic to increase your production of City Coins or Kingdom Bricks.

A "debuff" is a temporary penalty to character or monster, such as Poison.

Most buffs and debuffs appear underneath the character/monster, although some (like Fire) have special effects instead.

Has all the buff and debuff graphics, with a brief description for each one.

  • Long List with detailed descriptions, grouped by categories

Gaming Table


You can craft a fully functional table and invite your friends over for a good natured game of Gyront Cards. Once crafted, you will be able to select the Game Table from your inventory and install it in your house (or you can bring it to a friend's house and install it there). Once the table is installed, up to 6 player's can tap the table and choose to "Sit Down" to play a game.

Gyront Cards is pretty simple: The owner of the table sets the wager (5 to 10,000 Gold) and each player at the table matches that amount. Then everyone chooses a number from 1 to 6. The player that chooses the highest unique number wins all the Gold! (Example: player A chooses 6, player B chooses 6, and player C chooses 5. Player C wins). If no one chooses a unique number, the Gold stays in the pot and goes to the next winner.

To craft a Game Table:
Go into your Workshop and tap the Workbench. Place some Gyront Shells and then tap the Workbench again. Select "Craft" and one of the options will be a Game Table.

Crafting Requirements

Custom Interior Decorations

The Workshop allows you to create customized furniture for the interior of your house. You can create one piece from each set or craft the entire set if you like. To craft Interior Decorations: Go into your Workshop and tap the Workbench. Place the primary ingredient for the set on the Workbench (ie, to craft a piece from the Crystal set, place some Crystal on the bench). Then tap the Workbench again and select "Craft" and you'll see a menu of all the different items you can craft from that set.

Here's all the sets you can build:
Crystal Set

Diamond Set

Emerald Set

  • image is needed

Leather Set

Flora Set

Cost of upgrading/converting weapons and armor


  • Items with Gems embedded cost 33.3% more to upgrade than non-infused items.
  • Items infused with Special Metals cost 33.3% more to upgrade than non-infused items.
  • Items with both Gems and Special Metals cost 66.6% more to upgrade than non-infused items.


When infusing/embedding an existing weapon, you will be charged for all the upgrades that weapon currently has at either a 35% or 70% rate. This is best explained through examples:

  • To embed a Gem in a level 10 Spear, it will cost the amount of Gold equal to all the past upgrades times 35%.
  • To both embed a Gem and infuse Ice Metal into a level 20 Breastplate, it will cost the amount of Gold equal to all the past upgrades times 70%.

This means it is about 10% cheaper to start with a weapon that is crafted with a Gem and special metal infusion and upgrade it from level 0, than it will be to convert it at a later date.

After the conversion process, future upgrades will be at the 25% or 50% increased rate.

  • Note: The conversion process is permanent. Once an item is infused with a special metal it can never be undone, but with Platinum, it can be changed to another metal.

Player Account Info

Parallel Kingdom is limited to one account per device so that players cannot create multiple accounts. This helps limit the use of using secondary accounts for banks, wreaking random havoc and/or other shady activities.

If someone else owned your device before you and you don't know what their password or username was, e-mail: Explain your situation and they'll be able to help you out.

Deleting your account

If you wish to delete your account permanently, visit

Enter your username and password. Deleted accounts are gone forever.

Don't do this unless you really hate your old character.

Also, any new account on your device will not get any free Food with the new account, so don't delete your old account thinking you can profit with some free food; you'll only lose.

A few things to consider before deleting your character:

  • Other players will appreciate it if you take a moment to go into your passage book and set all of your passage, harvesting, and mining costs to zero. You won't be getting any gold from any of it anyway. And if you restart, you will know where all your old stuff was, and can take advantage of all the free things.
  • Your flags and buoys will immediately become "abandoned" and anyone will be able to take them over. (If you have personal flags around your kingdom, you may wish to warn your kingdom members so they can be prepared to do this before hostile players have an opportunity to do so.)
  • If you intend to give away (or drop, or whatever) your belongings before you leave, don't forget to check your city house, your manor, your vacation house, and all of your inventory containers - atlas, jewelry box, hat rack, key ring, etc. (This also applies if you intend to start a new character.)
  • Some items are limited in how they can be transferred, and some cannot be transferred at all.
    • Crystal and bricks can only be donated to your kingdom, in the kd warehouse, by tapping on the crystal/brick pile.
    • Swag hats can only be transferred by gift box, trade post, or trade tent. (Accessories/masks can be dropped.)
    • Food can only be transferred by trade post or tent.
    • Player-bound items such as aether energy, levitation energy, specialization swag purchased from monks, competition hats, relic event hats, titles, badges, tokens, and skill points that were purchased with gem dust, tokens, or aether energy, cannot be transferred, and will be lost forever.
    • You will also lose all pets, pet training upgrades, manor upgrades, estates, and if you have purchased a custom avatar appearance at a Barber Shop, you will lose that as well.
  • A deleted character's name is retired forever. It cannot be re-used. So if you really like your character's name, you might want to change it before deleting. Then if you change your mind and come back at some point in the future, the name might still be available.


If you deleted your character and regret it later, it may be possible to get it restored, but don't count on it. The customer support team has a lot more important things to do.

If you really want to try, you must be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the owner of the original account. And if you've started a new account, you will have to delete it, no matter how much you've done with it, so you will lose everything with the new one. If you can't, or aren't willing, to do these things, then don't even bother.

If you do request getting your old account restored and are denied, don't complain. After all, it was your choice to delete it.

What if my account was deleted and I didn't do it?

First, be certain that it was deleted. On rare occasions, when the servers are very busy, you may see a screen to start setting up a new account, as if you don't already have one. If this happens, just back out of it, and try again a little later.

Try to sign on to the website. If you can, then your account is still active.

If your account was definitely deleted without your consent, then please report it to customer support immediately. Thank you.

Starting a new account

- After your old account has been deleted, you'll be able to start a new account. Depending on which device you have, you may have to reinstall the app to be able to do this. New accounts on devices with any previous account will not get any free Food with the new character.