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Monolith Drafting


Monolith Drafting

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Monolith Drafting is one of the many diverse skills that are avaialble to you. Once you have enough Skill Points, you'll be able to learn Monolith Drafting, allowing you to construct special mini-Monoliths that give you and your allies special abilities.

How to Unlock Monolith Drafting:

To unlock this skill you must collect 150 Stonecore Sparks from Tower Of The Golem. Then, when you reach the final room of the Tower of the Golem (where Jhramet lives), at the bottom of the room is a Stonecore Forge. Tap the Forge, and use the button that is labeled "Unlock Monolith Drafting".


  • There are up to 6 total Monoliths a player can build using the Monolith Drafting Skill.
  • Any Monolith a player builds can be set on fire instantly for a cost of 20 Crude Oil.
  • Once set on fire, the Monolith is burned down in 1 Hour.
  • The Monolith is able to be repaired while it is on fire.
  • The Monolith range is a 600 meter circle in diameter, which is half as wide as your movement circle.
  • The Monolith's benefits do not get granted when you are inside a Dungeon that is inside a Monolith's range.
  • The Monolith will decay 24 hours after being built.
    • Remnants will still exist for 24 hours after the initial Decay.
    • Remnants can be recharged by anyone for the cost of 1 Stonecore Spark.

Monolith Drafting - Level 1

  • Special Benefit - if you have this Level, each time you get the Reflection Buff from a Reflection Monolith, the number of debuffs reflected onto your attacker increases from 3 to 6 per Buff..
Healer's Monolith
gmo_healer_monolith.png The Healer's Monolith heals all entities that are within range of the Monolith. The Healer's Monolith healing power is twice as powerful as a Mourning Tree.

Reflection Monolith
gmo_neutralizing_monolith.png The Reflection Monolith grants a special Buff that allows you to reflect a player's Metal Debuff back onto the player who attempted to inflict the debuff on you.

Monolith Drafting - Level 2

  • Special Benefit - if you have this Level, your Siege Golems will do 20% extra damage to buildings when your Siege Golems are within the Berserker Monolith's range.
Shade Monolith
gmo_shade_monolith.png The Shade Monolith stops all entities from healing when they enter the range of the Monolith.

Berserker Monolith
gmo_berserker_monolith.png The Berserker Monolith grants a 20% Attack Bonus to any entity that is within the Berserker Monolith's range.

Monolith Drafting - Level 3

  • Special Benefit - if you have this Level, you will earn an additional 10% Pages, Bricks, and City Coins when you earn them within range of a Hunter Monolith.
Hunter Monolith
gmo_hunter_monolith.png The Hunter Monolith grants an additional 20% Pages, Bricks, and City Coins whenever a player earns them within the Monolith's range

Fortified Monolith
gmo_fortified_monolith.png The Fortified Monolith causes all Buildings within the Monolith's range to take half of the damage that they'd take normally.
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