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Monster-Created Buffs

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Monster-Created Buffs

Monsters can create their own Buffs, too! For example, in a Dragon Lair when you're fighting the Dragon Broodmother, she applies a Roar Buff to her Lair Dragon friends that will come to help defend her while you're attacking her. This gives them additional attack strength. There are other Monster-Created Buffs too, thich mostly affect the monsters who created the buff, but read about them anyways for some information on how these creatures can be so hard to kill.

Monster-Created Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_roar_big.png buff_roar.pngRoar Buff from Dragon BroodmotherThe Dragon Broodmother applies this Roar Buff to the creatures she calls to help her fight you. This Roar Buff grants the creatures a +3 Attack bonus against you.
buff_death_knight_aura_big.png buff_death_knight_aura.pngDeath Knight Aura Buff from Death KnightThe Death Knight applies this aura to the other undead creatures nearby.
buff_architect_empower_big.png buff_architect_empower.pngArchitect Empower Aura Buff from The ArchitectThe Architect uses this Empower Buff to give unique strengths to nearby Constrict Enemies in an Ancient Cloud City.

Monster-Created Debuffs

Monsters also have very unique debuffs which can only be discovered by fighting certain creatures. These are special debuffs and they normally reduce one of your attributes or cause you damage. A description of each Monster-Created Debuff can be found below, as well as a link to what Monster causes the Debuff.

Monster-Created Debuffs
Buff IconBuff NameDebuff Description
buff_ammit_curse_big.png buff_ammit_curse.pngAmmit Curse Debuff from AmmitAmmit is a furious Monster that can apply this debuff to you, causing you a large amount of damage every few seconds.
buff_serpentia_venom_10_big.png buff_serpentia_venom_10.pngSerpentia Venom Debuff from Lady SerpentiaSerpentia Venom is similar to Ice's Debuff, slowing your character's movement speed down based on the number beneath you. This occurs based on the number of Naga Hatchlings near you.
DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashx?displayLayers=female_face_pale,female_feature_3,female_hair_1,magical_imprisonment Magical Imprisonment Debuff from Twisted JailorThe Twisted Jailor's Magical Imprisonment debuff disables player from moving for 5 seconds.
DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashx?displayLayers=female_face_pale,female_feature_3,female_hair_1,buff_petrifying_gaze Petrifying Gaze Debuff from CerberusCerberus can launch a Petrifying Projectile at you, causing you to be trapped for 5 seconds, unable to move or attack.
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