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Monster Token

When you kill Vicious or Epic exotic creatures, you will receive a number of Exotic Monster Tokens, which can be used to purchase a variety of swag armors and headgear. They cannot be traded nor dropped. If you find a Monk, you can exchange these tokens, for Exotic Monster Swag hats and armor. Once you have obtained enough tokens to purchase one of each item of that type (either 500 or 1000) you will no longer generate that type of token.

The chance and average number of tokens awarded varies greatly depending on the monster. Epic monsters drop significantly more tokens than their Vicious counterparts. When receiving one for the first time, a congratulatory message will pop up on the screen. Subsequent times, another message will pop up, telling you how many you earned.

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dragon_token.png Dragon Token
dragon_broodmother_token.png Broodmother Dragon Token
magnathere_token.png Magnathere Token
zagharu_token.png Zagharu Token
malkoha_token.png Malkoha Token
no_eyes_token.png No Eyes Monster Token
orc_shaman_token.png Orc Shaman Token
crystal_gargoyle_token.png Crystal Gargoyle Token
furymane_token.png Furymane Token
silk_burrower_token.png Silk Burrower Token
billanger_token.png Billanger Token
laculfa_token.png Laculfa Token
troodont_token.png Troodont Token
crawler_token.png Crawler Token
dark_general_token.png Dark General Token
yeti_token.png Yeti Token
carnivore_lily_token.png Carnivore Lily Token

Monster Tokens



worn_hat_ancient_dragon.png Ancient Dragon Jawbone (Hat)
As if Dragons didn't hate you enough already; now you can wear an Ancient Dragon Jawbone on your head to really add fuel to their fire!
Cost: 500 Dragon Tokens (Monk) or 375 Food (Trade Post)

Broodmother Dragon

worn_hat_broodmother_dragon.png Broodmother Dragon Helmet (Hat)
The long horns on each side tell everyone who's in charge.
Cost: 500 Dragon Broodmother Tokens (Monk) or 525 Food (Trade Post)

broodmother_hide_leather_armor.png Dragonhide Leather Armor (Leather Armor)
The Broodmother's underbelly flesh makes for a tough meal but some fantastic leather armor!
Cost: 500 Dragon Broodmother Tokens (Monk) or 475 Food (Trade Post)


magnathere_shield.png Magnathere Horned Shield (Shield)
Now you can use the Magnathere's rock hard skull to your advantage!
Cost: 500 Magnathere Tokens (Monk) or 400 Food (Trade Post)


worn_hat_zagharu.png Zagharu Feathered Hat
This headdress is both fashionable and it keeps your head cool in the summer.
Cost: 500 Zagharu Tokens (Monk) or 475 Food (Trade Post)

zagharu_leather_armor.png Zagharu Feathered Leather Armor
Who says you can't conquer in style? You can with some Zagharu Feathered Leather.
Cost: 500 Zagharu Tokens (Monk) or 525 Food (Trade Post)


worn_hat_malkoha.png Malkoha Beak and Feathers
There should be a dance associated with this festive mask.
Cost: 500 Malkoha Tokens (Monk) or 475 Food (Trade Post)

No Eyes Monsters

worn_hat_no_eyes.png No Eyes Hat
Sometimes, the deadliest creatures don't need to see.
Cost: 500 No Eyes Monster Tokens (Monk) or 450 Food (Trade Post)

Orc Shaman

worn_hat_shaman.png Shaman Nose Ring (Hat)
These markings are given only to the most revered of the Orcs.
Cost: 500 Orc Shaman Tokens (Monk) or 425 Food (Trade Post)

Crystal Gargoyle

crystal_gargoyle_tunic.png Crystal Tunic (Tunic)
Despite being covered in durable crystal, this Tunic is surprisingly lightweight.
Cost: 500 Crystal Gargoyle Tokens (Monk) or 500 Food (Trade Post)

worn_hat_crystal_cap.png Crystal Cap
It might not help you think, but at least this Crystal Cap looks good.
Cost: 500 Crystal Gargoyle Tokens (Monk) or 450 Food (Trade Post)


worn_hat_furymane.png Furymane_Ears (Hat)
The closest you'll ever come to looking like an Ewok in PK!
Cost: 500 Furymane Tokens (Monk) or 500 Food (Trade Post)

Silk Burrower

silk_burrower_dress.png Burrowed Silk Dress (Leather Armor)
A flattering feminine figure can be a powerful thing indeed.
Cost: 500 Silk Burrower Tokens (Monk) or 450 Food (Trade Post)


worn_hat_billanger.png Fire Plumed Helmet (Hat)
Your hair probably won't catch on fire while wearing this; probably.
Cost: 500 Billanger Tokens (Monk) or 525 Food (Trade Post)

billanger_armor.png Lava-Veined Breastplate (Breastplate)
Every crevice in this Breastplate flows with searing lava.
Cost: 500 Billanger Tokens (Monk) or 475 Food (Trade Post)


worn_hat_scorched_lizard_helmet.png Scorched Lizard Helmet
Wage scorched-earth warfare with a Scorched Lizard Helmet!
Cost: 475 Food (Trade Post) or 500 Laculfa Tokens (Monk)

scorched_lizard_scalemail.png Scorched Lizard Scalemail (Dragon Scalemail)
Prove yourself a true master of the Laculfa with some Scorched Lizard Scalemail! Cost: 500 Food (Trade Post) or 500 Laculfa Tokens (Monk)


acc_troodont_mask.png Troodont Mask (Accessory)
Sit around the fire and share stories of your time spent in outer space with a Troodont Mask Accessory.
Cost: 425 Food or 500 Troodont Tokens


acc_crawler_goggles.png Crawler Googles (Accessory)
A pair of Crawler Goggles will make sifting through Crawler remains a lot less disgusting.
Cost: 450 Food or 500 Crawler Tokens

Dark General

hat_dark_general.png Dark General Helmet (Hat)
Command your forces! Send forth your rage! Prove that you've done your part to conquer the Dark Army with a Dark General Helmet!
Cost: 475 Food or 500 Dark General Tokens


hat_yeti.png Yeti Cap (Hat)
Although it doesn't provide any protection against the chunks of ice Yetis have been known to throw, a Yeti Cap will at least help you stay warm in the cold while you hunt.
Cost: 450 Food or 500 Yeti Tokens

Carnivore Lily

hat_carnivore_lily.png Lily Headband
Become one with the jungle. Hunt Lilies wherever they spawn, and make your progress known with a Lily Headband.
Cost: 500 Food or 500 Carnivore Lily Tokens