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Mourning Berry


A Mourning Berry is the magically healing fruit that is found on Mourning Trees all around the Parallel Kingdom world.

Where To Find

  • Tap on a Mourning Tree and select "Harvest".
    • One Berry will be placed in your inventory.
    • If you have Warden Knowledge Level 3, you could get TWO Berries!
  • Occasionally dropped by Trolls and Mistleterrors (see below)

Used For

  • Healing Yourself (Tap yourself, or Berry in inventory)
  • Healing your Pets (Tap the pet)
  • Healing your Summoned Trolls (Tap one of them)
  • Planting a Mourning Tree Sapling
  • "Make Peace With Trolls"
    • At your City's Troll Embassy
    • By tapping any Troll if you have Troll Lore Level 3
  • Building a Troll Embassy in your City (if you are Mayor)
  • Buying Mourning Elixir to restore Max HP at a Troll Hut
  • Crafting Berry Punch
  • Druids use Berries to replenish others
  • Luring Sewer Turtles out of their shells

Advanced Details

  • Healing lasts for 45 seconds
  • 3-9 HP are restored every 2.5 seconds
  • Average total HP restored over 45 seconds is approximately 100-110
  • Warden 3 gives you a 15% chance of harvesting two Berries
    • A "Harvesting/Harvester" Ring equipped increases that to 18-24%

See Also

Creatures to look for

These monsters will occasionally drop a Berry when killed:

Troll Mistleterror
troll.png mistleterror.png

Weight: 0.10 kg
Dump Value: 10 Gold

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