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Mourning Tree


Mourning Trees are the most common flora found in Parallel Kingdom. They are most known for their strange ability to heal the injuries of any who get near. Though it looks as though the tree is made up of sharp needles, they are actually covered in thin, soft leaves. Mourning Trees get their name from a story told in ancient times. The story tells of how the trees mourned the loss of their friend and their desire to prevent others from experiencing such loss.

Regardless of stories, the Mourning Trees provide a few very valuable services to adventurers. Of course, like any tree, chopping them down will give you some Wood. However, their most notable feature is their ability to heal anything nearby. Weary travelers can often be found resting beneath a Mourning Tree's branches as their sweet scent and energy mend the traveler's wounds. They also produce a Mourning Berry which displays similar healing effects when eaten. These berries can be picked and grow back every 6 hours. If you find yourself exploring new territory and you'd like more Mourning Trees around, the berries also double as seeds and can be planted.

Mourning Tree Sapling
When you first plant a Mourning Berry, you'll get a sapling. These little guys are just as good as their elders in terms of healing powers. However, they will look sickly after about a day and require some tending to grow. After about 5 days of tending, they will become mature. By planting many saplings at a time, you can grow a forest of Mourning Trees that you can harvest berries from or cut down for Wood.

Sick Mourning Tree Sapling
After a day, the young saplings need tending. While sick, it will not exhibit any healing ability. Make sure to tend to it every couple of days or so. If left untended, the sapling will die and you'll be left to mourn it.

As snow falls around Parallel Kingdom it collects on the mourning trees, any player can clean the snow off of a tree for one Snowball.

Now that Winter is well and trully on the way, the mourning tree's are turning a brilliant red.

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