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Ninja Training


With incredible Speed, Ninjas dance around their enemies slashing and throwing Shurikens.

Ninja Training is a Specialization Skill track. You can only pursue one Specialization Skill track at any time.


  • Ninjas can equip a melee weapon to override their Shuriken as their melee weapon.


Level 1 (cost: 1 Skill Point)

  • +1 attack bonus with Shurikens
  • Can use Shurikens at close range

Level 2 (cost: 1 Skill Point)

  • +10 base speed bonus (land)
  • +3% chance to Dodge when using Oiyoi

Level 3 (cost: 1 Skill Points)

Level 4 (cost: 1 Skill Points)

  • +20 speed bonus (land)
  • +6% chance to dodge when using Oiyoi

Level 5 (cost: 1 Skill Points)

  • +3 attack bonus with Shuriken
  • +30 base speed (land)
  • +10% chance to dodge when using Oiyoi

Ninja Specialization Gear can be purchased from a Monk with Specialization Tokens.