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No Eyes Monster


No Eyes Monsters are tough to beat. They’re found in Cavern dungeons mostly in groups. They don’t normally move much, but they will attack you if you approach too closely, and infect you with poison that lingers even after you kill them. (An Anti-poison potion protects against this.)

NOTE 1: If poison from a No Eyes monster kills you, your max hp will be reduced by 5, which takes one hour per point to restore. (If you want it restored faster, visit a Troll Hut - they may be willing to help you. For a price, of course.)

NOTE 2: Though no one knows exactly how or why it happens, a few adventurers have reported leaving a Violet Heart on the ground or a floor, then upon returning later, being shocked to find it gone, with a No Eyes monster where it had been! And even fewer have reported that if these strange beings are left to their own devices for long enough, still more may appear, though there are no more violet hearts for them to spring from. A mystery indeed!

Best Weapon Set
Axe, Breastplate

Item drop
Violet Heart