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Oil Well

Unclaimed Oil Well Small Oil Well Medium Oil Well Large Oil Well Extra Large Oil Well
oil_well_unowned_small.png oil_well_owned_small.png oil_well_owned_medium.png oil_well_owned_large.png oil_well_owned_extra_large.png
Claim Cost:
5 Wood
Upgrade Cost:
10 Wood
Upgrade Cost:
20 Wood
Upgrade Cost:
40 Wood
Golem Limit: 2 Golem Limit: 3 Golem Limit: 4 Golem Limit: 5


The Basics

Found on City Flags, Oil Wells are buildings that draw out Crude Oil for you and also allow you to "grow" Golems.

You can claim Oil Wells by spending 5 Wood as long as the Oil Well is currently unclaimed or is abandoned, and you don't have your maximum number of Oil Wells already. If an oil well is already claimed, you will need to destroy it before you can use the spot yourself.

Once you claim a well, you can "Grow Golems" which can then be put to work in the Oil Well harvesting Crude Oil.

Oil Well Limits

You can only have one Oil Well until you research the ability to have more from your Research Lab. The Maximum number of Oil Wells which can be made available this way is 5.

Gathering Oil

The more Golems working in an Oil Well, the faster they accumulate Crude. As you upgrade your well size, more golems are able to work on them (Shown in table above).

Each Oil Well has a limited storage capacity of Crude Oil, so you will have to go around and collect your Crude Oil every once in a while. Once a Well is at capacity, the Golems will stop working. The max capacity can be increased by investing Crystal at the Oil Well.

  • No upgrade = 40 Crude Oil
  • 1st upgrade (Costs 20 Crystal) = 60 Crude Oil
  • 2nd upgrade (Costs 50 Crystal) = 80 Crude Oil
  • 3rd upgrade (Costs 100 Crystal) = 100 Crude Oil


You can Raid other player's Oil Wells by tapping the Well and selecting "Raid." If you are successful, you will get 50% of the Crude Oil that the Well was storing. However, if your Raid is interrupted you will not be able to try again for 24 hours, so make sure that you clear out any enemies that might be nearby.


Players can set a Gold price per unit on their Oil Wells. This allows others players to buy Crude Oil directly from your Well. Anyone not an enemy with you can collect half of the crude available. Individual Wells can be set private like Stone/Iron Mines.

Building Hit Points: 10,000
Burn Time: 50 Hours