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Oleander Garden

Oleander Garden

Materials Needed: 100 Oleander Flowers
100 Wood
Crafts: 1 Oleander Garden
Function: Exterior Decoration

The Oleander Garden is used to decorate the outdoors. Crafting one of these Oleander Gardens will place one (or however many you craft) into your Inventory. Step outside, stand on the location where you'd like to place the Oleander Garden, then open your Items list and scroll to the Oleander Garden listing, where you can select it and choose Place Decoration. Going back to the map and moving your character will allow you to see your newly placed Oleander Garden, an icon of beauty and dedication!

This Exterior Decoration is crafted using your Workbench and the required materials as stated above. This Exterior Decoration can also be bought and sold in Trade Posts.

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