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Pet Buffs

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Pet Buffs

Your pets have special Buffs that they can use, too. Spiders have a Buff called Envenom, which allows your pet Spider to have a chance at poisoning whatever it fights. There are other Pet Buffs, too, so check out all of the Buffs below as well as a link to each Pet!

Pet Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_envenom_big.png buff_envenom.pngEnvenom Buff from Spider (Pet)The Envenom Buff gives your pet Spider the chance to poison the creature(s) or player(s) it is fighting.

Pet Debuffs

Just like your Pets can have special Buff abilities, they also have the ability to Debuff other creatures and players as well. These Debuffs can assist you greatly while hunting or fighting in wars, so make sure you review each one of the Debuffs and find out what feels right for you.

Pet Debuffs
Buff IconBuff NameDebuff Description
buff_pinning_big.png buff_pinning.pngPinning Debuff from Wolf (Pet)The Pinning Debuff allows a Wolf pet to Pin another player or creature for 30 seconds.
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