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Platinum Member

Platinum Membership gives you the following benefits:

  • Discounts & Bonuses
    • 50% more Levitation Energy
    • 50% more Aether Energy
    • 50% off Food cost to resetting Skill Points (500 to 250)
    • 50% off Oil cost to run dungeons (20 to 10)
    • 50% more Food for positive Mentorship Review (50 to 75)
  • Access to Build/Visit/Enter a Vacation Home
    • A second house where you can set up Decorations and throw parties
    • Susceptible to Siege Golems/Firebombs
  • The Platinum Hat
  • Access to Platinum Chat Channel
  • Customizable Profile
    • Set Custom Colors with a Color Picker
    • Biography Section with Text Formatting
    • Upload Custom Image (Requires Desktop or Laptop)
  • 100 Free Platinum the first time you subscribe
  • 10 Free Platinum every day you're a member
    • Days not logged on will be received next Login
    • Notification of how much Platinum received on Login
  • Craft Platinum items
  • More Tokens
    • Double Monster Tokens every time you receive them them from Monsters
    • Double Specialization Tokens every time you receive them from Monsters
  • Legendary Monsters
    • Platinum Members will have the ability to save the location of up to three (3) Legendary Monsters for the price of 25 Gem Dust each.
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