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Potion-Based Buffs

Potion-Based Buffs give your character a temporary boost in different aspects of the game. Rolly's Serum increases your Max HP for an hour or until you die, Inspiration Tonic increases the number of pages you earn for an hour or until you die, and Anti-Poison resists the Poison Debuff for an hour or until you die. There are many icons that go along with all of the Potion-Based Buffs, which you can find below, as well as links to what each potion does!

Potion-Based Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_anti_poison_big.png buff_anti_poison.pngAnti-Poison Buff from Anti-Poison (Potion)Resists Poison Debuff for one hour, even if you die.
buff_inspiration_big.png buff_inspiration.pngInspiration Buff from Inspiration Tonic (Potion)Increases the number of Pages, Bricks or City Coins earned by 10% for one hour, even if you die.
buff_gillens_big.png buff_gillens.pngGillen's Brew Buff from Gillen's Brew (Potion)Increases your movement speed on water and lasts for one hour, even if you die.
buff_rolly_big.png buff_rolly.pngRolly's Serum Buff from Rolly's Serum (Potion)Gives you an additional 40 Max HP and lasts for 1 hour, even if you die.
buff_relic_potion_big.png buff_relic_potion.pngRelic Potion Buff from Relic Potion (Potion)Allows you to earn double Relics during Relic Events for 24 hours. (48 hours for Platinum Members)
buff_rage.pngRage Buff from Keldor's Rage (Potion)Grants you +4 Attack and reduces your Defense by 1. Allows you to travel while under its effect, but you must stay aggressive or the Potion wears off.
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