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Proving Grounds


The Proving Grounds is a place for players to stand toe to toe without the negative effects of player versus player combat. The Proving Grounds is not limited to City or Kingdom members, and any player can enter any Proving Grounds.

While Inside

  • What is Protected?
    • Fighting does not add to enemy list
    • Dying will not decrease a player's maximum health points
    • Gold and Backpacks are not lost upon death
    • Weapons will not lose durability
    • Players cannot be banished
  • What is not protected?
    • Pets/Minions death penalties are NOT protected
  • No Pages will be earned inside the Proving Grounds
  • Deaths will count toward the Norris Hat
  • Vampirism is not passed while inside the Proving Grounds

Other Notes

  • 40,000 Hit Points
  • Dummy in corner allows players to measure their strength by displaying these values:
    • gmo_troll_dummy.png
    • Melee Weapon attack level
    • Ranged Weapon attack level
    • Body Armor attack level
    • Off-Hand attack level
    • Effective Spawn level


Building Hit Points: 40,000 HP

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