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Quick Slots


What Are Quick Slots?

Quick Slots can be used for all kinds of different purposes throughout the game. These slots allow players to assign various tasks, items, abilities, and equipment actions (equip/unequip) to the Quick Slots bar, making it much quicker to complete certain tasks.

Every player can unlock a maximum of 10 Quick Slots on their Quick Slots bar, and all players will start with 3 of their 10 Quick Slots already unlocked.

Unlocking Quick Slots

Unlocking the additional 7 Quick Slots will cost Platinum metal (100 Platinum per Quick Slot).

To do this:

  • 1 - Open Items List
  • 2 - Select Platinum within the list (Must have 100 or more)
  • 3 - Select option to unlock Quick Slot
  • 4 - Game may need to be restarted to complete the unlock process

Assigning Quick Slots

There are a whole variety of actions/items you can assign to a Quick Slot, using the following process:

  • 1 - Open Quick Slots sidebar by tapping the lightning bolt icon (top right corner of screen)
  • 2 - Long press on the Quick Slot you wish to allocate to (Quick Slot will become highlighted)
  • 3 - Either:
    • Open Items list to allocate an item/equipment action
    • Open Build list to allocate a building action (flags/buoys)
    • Tap self to allocate actions such as taunt and heal
  • 4 - Select the action you wish to allocate (Quick Slot image should change to show the chosen action)

To change the action allocated to a Quick Slot, simply use the steps above to allocated a new item to a chosen Quick Slot.

Quick Slots Icon Quick Slots Sidebar Highlighted Quick Slot Allocate Item Action
quick_slot_bolt.png quick_slot.png highlighted_quick_slot.png menu_example.png

All actions that can be allocated to a Quick Slot are marked with a small yellow lightning bolt on their right side (illustrated above).

Using Quick slots

Simply tap on the appropriate Quick Slot to use it, for example...The healing Quick Slot will show a Mourning Berry icon, tapping it will make your character use a berry to heal.

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