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Research Lab


A Research Lab will allow you to use Golems to research technologies that increase your power in the city. To use the Research Lab, select a nearby idle Golem and choose "Research Tech". Then it will begin accumulating research points at the Research Lab. You can have up to 3 Golems researching at your Lab. After you have enough Research Points, you will be able to select the Research Lab and choose "Buy Tech". Then a menu will come up showing you which technologies you can buy. Each technology gets progressively more expensive each time you upgrade it.

The 6 types of technologies available are:

To build a Research Lab, go near your Oil Wells and have your character stand where you want to build the building. Select "Menu" >> "Create" >> "Build" >> "Research Lab"

A list of Research costs can be found here.

Resources Needed: 3 Wood, 3 Iron, 50 Crude Oil

Building Hit Points: 2,000
Burn Time: 25 Hours