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Ring Names - Legacy

Ring Names

Note: this is an older version of the Ring Names page. A new setup using the same categorization technique as Trade Posts has been implemented, making it easier to find Rings while surfing the Guide or searching in Trade Posts. You can view the new categorization on the Ring Names page.

Each ring name is defined by the order of the two bonuses that it has. The first part of the name is an Adjective from the first bonus and the second part of the name is a Noun from the second bonus.

Some rings have a special provenance and therefore offer special bonuses. These rings are:

Bonus Type Description Color Adjective Noun
Character Traits
Grand Ring Drop Rate Increased chance of getting Grand Rings Yellow Precious Collector
Extra Minions Increased player minion limit by 1/2/3 Black Commanding Leader
Earn Additional Bricks  % Change to Earn Extra Bricks Red Molding Mason
Earn Additional Pages  % Increase in Pages earned from Monster kills Pink Storied Writer
Plant Hardiness Refreshed Plants last longer before withering Pink Blooming Caretaker
See More Treasure See Treasure Marks outside of the circle (up to a set distance) Yellow Buried Fortune
Increased Harvest  % Chance to gain extra fruit when harvesting Pink Harvesting Harvester
Dodge Bonus Increases Dodge Chance Purple Dodging Tumbler
Health Increases Max HP Red Sturdy Juggernaut
Land Speed Increases Land Speed Red Speedy Racer
Water Speed Increases Water Speed Blue Sailing Sailor
Range Increases Ranged Weapon Range Pink Accurate Archer
Revive Decreases Revive Delay Green Undying Mummy
Reduce Max HP Reduces Killed Player's Max HP Purple Cursed Curse
Winter's Breath Winter Wonderland Ring Any Winter's Breath
Revenge +0.7/1.3/2.0 Vs Player/Monster that Killed you within last 5 Minutes Wronged Revenge
Note: See Cursed Pyramid Rings for info on "Revive" and "Reduce Max HP" ring benefits.
Treasure Hunter Buff +100% Dungeon Bound Rewards Purple Treasured Treasure Hunter
Ice Ice has a stronger slowing effect Blue Frozen Blizzard
Ice Resistance Ice has a weaker slowing effect Blue Heated Skater
Banish Banish has a higher chance Pink Banishing Void
Banish Resistance Banish has a lower chance Pink Unruly Trespasser
Poison Poison deals more damage Green Toxic Venom
Poison Resistance Poison deals less damage Green Purified Antidote
Shade Shade lasts longer Purple Darkened Shadow
Shade Resistance Shade doesn’t last as long Purple Luminescent Light
Honed Honed chance increased White Sharpened Challenger
Honed Resistance Honed chance decreased White Stubborn Dueler
Dead Attack Summoned Undead Attacks are stronger Yellow Necrotic Undead
Dead Defense Summoned Undead Defense are stronger Yellow Graveborn Tomb
Fire Fire does more damage Orange Burning Flame
Fire Resistance Fire does less damage Orange Tempered Sea
Lightning Chance Lightning has a higher chance to trigger Yellow Juiced Discharge
Lightning Damage Lightning will do more damage Yellow Shocking Shock
Levitation Chance Levitation has a higher chance to trigger Purple Hovering Feather
Levitation Duration Levitation will stay active longer Purple Levitating Levitation
Wind Distance Wind will knockback further White Pushing Force
WInd Chance Wind has a higher chance to trigger White Everlasting Storm
Aether Chance Aether has a higher cance to trigger Purple Ethereal Apparition
Cleave Chance Increased chance to activate Cleave Orange Reckless Brute
Cleave Damage Cleave does more damage Red Cleaving Cleaver
Tactics Drain Tactics bonus drains slower Green Tactical Tactic
Tactics Charge Tactics bonus charges faster Green Strategic Strategy
Scavenge Higher possibility of receiving items Yellow Scavenging Scavenger
Hunter's Eye Chance Higher possibility of triggering Green Keen Gaze
Hunter's Eye Damage Increased damge with Hunter's Eye Green Exposed Flaw
Oiyoi Strike Increased chance of triggering Orange Opening Opener
Rally Cry Decreased cooldown time Red Rallying Cry
Triumph Increased HP return Green Triumphant Triumph
Taunt Decreased cooldown time Blue Taunting Taunt
Fatality Increased damge dealt Orange Exploding Executioner
Cleanse Decreased cooldown time Blue Cleansing Cleanser
Tree Chop Faster Tree Chops Green Chopping Forester
Mine Faster Mining Yellow Mining Miner
Troodont Doctrine Mining Troodont Doctrine Mining Bonus Increase Orange Caveborn Cave-Dweller
Building Faster Building White Structured Architect
Crafting Faster Crafting Yellow Crafty Artisan
Spider Web Resistance Freed from Webs Quicker White Silken Arachnid
Net Resistance Freed from Nets Quicker Orange Trapped Escape Artist
Time Orb Resistance Freed from Time Orbs Blue Time-Lost Time Traveler
Vampirism Resistance Vampirism Resistance Purple Graveless Vampire Hunter
Prone Resistance Freed from Prone Red Stable Acrobat
Pets & Minions
Dog Trainer Attack & Defense Boost to Hunting Dog Yellow Trained Hound
Wolf Trainer Attack & Defense Boost to Wolf Pet White Feral Cub
Boar Trainer Attack & Defense Boost to Boar Pet Orange Hearty Warthog
Roc Trainer Attack & Defense Boost to Pet Roc Pink Winged Hatchling
Dragon Trainer Attack & Defense Boost to Pet Dragon Red Dragonborn Drake
Mourning Sprite Trainer Attack & Defense Boost to Pet Mourning Sprite Green Airy Nymph
Crawler Trainer Attack & Defense Boost to Pet Crawler Purple Bemired Parasite
Spider Trainer Attack & Defense Boost to Pet Spider Blue Direful Mite
Summoned Troll Attack Summoned Troll Attack Increase White Ritualistic Forest Defender
Summoned Troll Defense Summoned Troll Defense Increase White Protecting Protector
Philostratus Tree Attack Philostratus Tree Attack Increase Green Overgrown Ent
Philostratus Tree Defense Philostratus Tree Defense Increase Green Barkskin Tree
Monsters (Slayer=Deals more Damage to:) & (Defender=Take less Damage from:)
Dragon Slayer Dragons Red Dragon Slaying Dragonslayer
Dragon Defender Dragons Red Dragonscaled Dragon
Aquarian Slayer Aquarians (and Corrupted Ones) Blue Corrupted Cultist
Aquarian Defender Aquarians (and Corrupted Ones) Blue Devoted Aquarian
Black Pool Slayer Black Pools Purple Oozing Pollutant
Black Pool Defender Black Pools Purple Cleansed Clearwater
Boar Slayer Boar Orange Tusked Boarhunter
Boar Defender Boars Orange Boarhide Boar
Carnivore Lily Slayer Carnivore Lilies Red Floral Gardener
Carnivore Lily Defender Carnivore Lilies Red Entangled Lily
Crawler Slayer Crawlers Purple Crawling Mawler
Crawler Defender Crawlers Purple Unlatched Crawler
Dark Monster Slayer Dark Monsters Green Dark Slaying Warden
Dark Monster Defender Dark Monsters Green Preserved Dark Monster
Wolf Slayer Wolves White Mangy Wolfhunter
Wolf Defender Wolves White Wolfhide Wolf
Dusk Specter Slayer Dusk Specters Purple Specterbane Dusk
Dusk Specter Defender Dusk Specter Purple Ghostly Dusk Specter
Giant Mouse Slayer Giant Mice Orange Rat Slaying Mousetrap
Giant Mouse Defender Giant Mouse Orange Whiskered Mouse
Gyront Slayer Gyronts Pink Waterborn Gyrontslayer
Gyront Defender Gyronts Pink Shelled Gyront
Larva Slayer Larva Green Larvabane Squasher
Larva Defender Larva Green Burrowing Larva
Magnathere Slayer Magnatheres White Charging Charger
Magnathere Defender Magnatheres White Thick-Skinned Magnathere
Mosha Slayer Mosha Orange Razortooth Waterlizard
Mosha Defender Mosha Orange Slickscaled Mosha
Mourning Sprite Slayer Mourning Sprites Green Mischievous Spritehunter
Mourning Sprite Defender Mourning Sprites Green Fluttering Mourning Sprite
Nautaloid Slayer Nautaloids Pink Piercing Fisherman
Nautaloid Defender Nautaloids Pink Spiraled Nautaloid
No Eyes Slayer No Eyes Monsters Purple Eyeless Dungeon Dweller
No Eyes Defender No Eyes Monsters Purple Violet No Eyed Monster
Orc Slayer Orcs Yellow Orc Slaying Shaman
Orc Defender Orcs Yellow Ominous Orc
Siren Slayer Sirens Blue Silent Banshee
Siren Defender Sirens Blue Alluring Siren
Spider Slayer Spiders Blue Hanging Predator
Spider Defender Spiders Blue Webbed Spider
Stag Slayer Stags Red Antlered Deerhunter
Stag Defender Stags Red Deerhide Stag
Stone Hunter Slayer Stone Hunters Yellow Relentless Stonecrusher
Stone Hunter Defender Stone Hunters Yellow Stone-Covered Stone Hunter
Troll Slayer Trolls White Tribal Troll Slayer
Troll Defender Trolls White Peaceful Troll
Troodont Slayer Troodonts Green Brutal Scalebreaker
Troodont Defender Troodonts Green Scaled Troodont
Undead Slayer The Undead White Vengeful Undead Slayer
Undead Defender The Undead White Unholy Ghoul
Snow Monster Slayer Snow Monsters Blue Frost-Fanged Icewolf
Snow Monster Defender Snow Monsters Blue Iceborn Yeti
Stone Golem / Gem Golem /
Metal Golem / Stone Minotaur / Jhramet Slayer
Stone/Gem/Metal Golems,
Stone Minotaur, Jhramet
Orange Vindictive Living Statue
Stone Golem / Gem Golem /
Metal Golem / Stone Minotaur / Jhramet Defender
Stone/Gem/Metal Golems,
Stone Minotaur, Jhramet
Orange Ensparked Stone Golem
Weapons & Armor (Grand Rings Only)
Axe Axe Damage Boost Axe
Sword Sword Damage Boost Sword
Crossbow Crossbow Damage Boost Crossbow
Shuriken Shuriken Damage Boost Shuriken
Sling Sling Damage Boost Sling
Longbow Longbow Damage Boost Longbow
Blowdart Blowdart Damage Boost Blowdart
Spear Spear Damage Boost Spear
Dagger Dagger Damage Boost Dagger
Brass Knuckles Brass Knuckles Damage Boost Brass Knuckles
Staff Staff Damage Boost Staff
Leather Armor Leather Armor Defense Boost Leather Armor
Breastplate Breastplate Defense Boost Breastplate
Dragon Scalemail Dragon Scalemail Defense Boost Dragon Scalemail
Tunic Tunic Defense Boost Tunic
Shield Shield Defense Boost Shield
Dragon Shield Dragon Shield Defense Boost Dragon Shield
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