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Roc (Pet)


Rocs are giant rare birds with a high intellect, so they can make very useful pets. To get a Roc pet, you need to acquire a Roc Egg from the Roc Nest dungeon. Then tap the Roc Egg in your inventory and "Hatch" it for 300 food.

In addition to the skills you can teach your Roc which are covered below, when you have your Roc with you, traveling is made much cheaper. The Roc will decrease the cost of all traveling by 2 Roc Feathers.


Pet Attributes

Rocs have attributes that set them appart from other pets in addition to the skills they can learn

  • HP: 170
  • Attack: -13
  • Defense: 0 (Uses hide defense)
  • Average Tower Damage Received: 10
  • Average Golem Damage Received: 8

Training Your Pet

Like all pets, Rocs can be leveled up by tapping them and choosing "Train Pet"

  • Each time you train your Roc it gains one level which increases its attack and defense
  • The effective level of all pets is capped by the taking the average of your highest level weapon and armor in your inventory. (Example: if you have a level 20 Sword and a level 10 Breastplate, the highest effective level of your pet would be 15)
  • You can't upgrade past your current effective level. If the roc is leveled over your current effective level then it's effective level will be reduced (e.g. you borrow a +26 to upgrade then go back to having an effective level of 24, your roc will say +26, but will only have the attributes of a +24)

Feeding Your Pet

You can also feed your Roc to give it new life

  • This is done by tapping the Roc Whistle in your inventory
  • Feeding will summon your Pet to you
  • Feeding will reset the pet's required rest timers so it will require only short rest periods between uses... until it ages again
  • Feeding does not reset any levels gained on the pet through training

Teaching Your Roc New Skills

The Roc Whistle will also allow you to teach your pet some special skills. You can just tap the Roc Whistle and choose either "Train Track Large Monsters Skill" or "Train Gust of Wind Skill"

Giving Your Pet A New Face

You can find new faces for your roc in Trade Posts for 400 Food.