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Roc Chapel

The Roc Chapel is an addition that can be added onto your Country Manor. It is useful if you want to add easy access to areas of your territory. By building the Roc Chapel, you are able to upgrade your Hardened Flags into Roc Shrines which are automatically added to your Estates list. Want access to a distant part of your territory? Just build the Roc Chapel onto your Manor, and then upgrade a flag to a Roc Shrine and you'll be able to revisit it anytime you want from the Estates menu.

When you first add the Roc Chapel, you can upgrade one flag to a Roc Shrine. If you want more, you have to upgrade your Roc Chapel. Each time the Roc Chapel is upgraded, you'll be able to build one more Roc Shrine up to a maximum of 20.

Roc Chapels can only be built in a Country Manor. To build one, enter your manor, go up the stairs, tap the door on the upper right, and choose "Build Roc Chapel."

Note: If you destroy your manor, any existing shrines will not be affected. You can still travel to them. You will not be able to build any new shrines until your manor and roc chapel have been rebuilt, however. The roc chapel will have to be unlocked again for the cost of 10 stone.

Once the roc chapel has been unlocked again in your new manor, any upgrades that you purchased in the past will still be valid - they do not have to be purchased again.

Resources Needed

To Unlock Shrine # Food Cost
2 5
3 10
4 15
5 20
6 30
7 50
8 70
9 100
10 150
11 200
12 250
13 300
14 350
15 400
16 450
17 500
18 550
19 600
20 650
TOTAL: 4700