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Roc Feather


Fly away fly away fly away home. Visit your friends, and tour your kingdom (once you've made one that is).

What to look for: troll.png hut.png You'll start out with 100, but once you start visiting buildings you'll want to have more. They can only be purchased from Trolls and Troll Huts (10 feathers for 100 gold, 100 for 800 gold or 1000 feathers for 8000 gold at Troll Huts). When you tap on a location you own, you'll be given the option to use 2 feathers to transport to that location. When visiting friends who are far away, the cost can go as high as 100 feathers, depending on distance, so use them wisely!! You can only buy feathers when you are on good terms with the Trolls. This means you must not have attacked any in at least 12 hours for them to trust you. Be aware that Trolls like to protect Mourning Trees, so if you are after Wood, buy your feathers before you start chopping.

Weight: 0.01 kg
Dump value: 5 Gold