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Roc Shrine


Roc Shrines are upgraded hardened flags. You can build these once you have a Country Manor with the Roc Chapel addition. Once you upgrade one of your flags into a Roc Shrine you will be asked to name it, and then it will be permanently in your Estates menu. This means you can easily visit your Roc Shrine whenever you want. These are great to build next to Caves, Dungeons, and Troll Huts. The more you upgrade your Roc Chapel, the more Roc Shrines you can build, up to a maximum of 20. 25 Roc Shrine Tickets can be purchased from each shrine for 125 food. They make for great gifts or can be sold at any Trade Post.

Resources Needed: 10 Stone, 10 Wood, 1 Hardened Flag

Building Hit Points: 4,000
Burn Time: 25 Hours