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Siege Golem

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Siege (Mobile)Siege (Deployed)Siege (Packing up)

These are powerful catapults that are nearly essential if you want to inflict massive damage on the buildings of your enemy. They are built at a Siege Factory

  • Siege Golems have 500 HP at Level 2.
  • Siege Golems can be fused up to +6.
  • Siege Golems will do 6 damage per minute on a target.
  • Siege Golems will have their level raised by 3 when under influence of a Berserker Monolith.
  • There is an action to “Show targets” which will show an icon on all eligible targets in range before siege is deployed.
  • There is an action “Move to Me” that will position the Siege Golem directly over your avatar. This is used for more precise positioning.
  • Siege Golems can be deployed instantly (they start attacking right away) but they must be packed up before they can move again. Packing them takes 1 hour.
    • You must be an enemy with the building's owner for it to be attacked by a Siege Golem.
    • Siege Golems will attack all buildings of an enemy player or enemy city except for City Houses, Country Manors or Flags.
  • Siege golems will continue attacking a building even after the building goes below 1/2 HP.
  • Siege golems will not automatically start a building on fire.

The Siege Golem Leveling Chart is as follows:

  • +1: 75% HP, 100% Damage, 120m min Placement Distance, Heals every 10.5 Seconds
  • +2: 100% HP, 200% Damage, 186m min Placement Distance, Heals every 10 seconds
  • +3: 125% HP, 300% Damage, 252m min Placement Distance, Heals every 9.5 seconds
  • +4: 150% HP, 400% Damage, 318m min Placement Distance, Heals every 9 seconds
  • +5: 175% HP, 500% Damage, 384m min Placement Distance, Heals every 8.5 seconds
  • +6: 200% HP, 600% damage, 450m min Placement Distance, Heals every 8 seconds

Remeber to fuse your golems as it will make travel easier. Siege golems count toward the maximum minion limit of 5 minions following you at any time.

Resources Needed:
3 Iron, 50 Crystal
(Crystal cost increases with each Siege Golem under your control)

This is one of the war golem units. War golems will follow you a short distance when set to follow, but if you jump more than roughly 1 flag away they will not follow. War golems will only jump large distances with you, when set to follow, to your city center, kingdom castle, war outpost, or warcamp. If a war golem gets lost they can be called back to your warcamp using a Compass.