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Skeleton Minion

These guys are summoned when you or one of your Troll Minions destroy an enemy using a Dead Metal weapon. They fight by your side for 1 hour and heal over time. Skeletons count towards your minion total of 5.

These skeletons now have the ability to level up and also heal (as per the dungeon lantern update - 11/6/12), however, only if you continue to equip a Dead Weapon.

Once you have summoned 1 Skeleton, further killing blows with a Dead Metal weapon will cause that skeleton's level to increase by +1 till it reaches its maximum level, then a second skeleton will be spawned, and so on...

Skeleton Levels:

  • +1 50 HP, +0 Attack, Heals every 11 Seconds
  • +2 100 HP, +1 Attack, Heals every 10.5 Seconds
  • +3 150 HP, +2 Attack, Heals every 10 Seconds
  • +4 200 HP, +3 Attack, Heals every 9.5 Seconds
  • +5 250 HP, +4 Attack, Heals every 9 Seconds
  • +6 300 HP, +5 Attack, Heals every 8.5 Seconds

Skeleton Monster

Some skeletons aren't fighting on your team. Sometimes other monsters will spawn skeletons to fight on their side against you. A fundamental difference between your skeletons and these skeletons, is that skeletons spawned by monsters will not have the ability to increase in level.