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Skill-Based Buffs

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Skill-Based Buffs

Skill-Based Buffs are Buffs that you will see in the lower left corner of your screen. The buff icon will also appear in a smaller form, beneath your character. Here's a summary of each of the Buff icons as well as what they look like, complete with links to each Skill's page to learn more!

Skill-Based Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_prepare_plague_big.png buff_prepare_plague.pngPlague Is Ready from Plague Strike (Skill)This Buff appears when a player's Plague Strike Skill is ready to be used.
buff_pierce_armor_ready_big.png buff_pierce_armor_ready.pngPierce Armor Buff from Pierce Armor (Skill)This Buff appears when a player's Pierce Armor Skill is ready to be used.
buff_assault_ready_big.png buff_assault_ready.pngAssault Buff from Relentless Assault (Skill)When you defeat a creature with Melee weapon, you'll receive an option to Assault the next creature you tap. You'll have up to a +3 Attack Bonus for 10 seconds.
buff_rally_big.png buff_rally.pngRally Buff from Rally Cry (Skill)Up to a +2 Attack Bonus for nearby allies and minions for 2 minutes. The 10 minute Cooldown is decreased by defeating creatures during the Rally Cry Buff.
buff_cleanse_big.png buff_cleanse.pngCleanse Buff from Cleanse (Skill)Removes debuffs from you and prevents them for up to 9 seconds.
buff_hero_big.png buff_hero.pngHeroism Buff from Heroism (Skill)Up to +2 Defense against Boss Monsters. Upon successful defeat of a Boss Monster, you receive up to a +2 Attack Bonus against all monsters for up to 24 hours.
buff_reflect_big.png buff_reflect.pngReflection Buff from Reflection Monolith (Skill)Player can reflect a Metal's debuff effect back to the attacker 3x per Reflection Buff, or 6x if player has Monolith Drafting skill.
DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashx?displayLayers=female_face_pale,female_feature_3,female_hair_1,buff_tactics_3Tactics Buff from Tactics (Skill)Up to a +3 Attack Bonus that depletes while aggressive (+6 for max level Druids, Merchants, Crafters, and Explorers).
DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashx?displayLayers=gyront,buff_insight_5Mercenary Insight Buff from Mercenary Training (Skill)Up to a +5 Attack Bonus against a creature that accumulates as the battle progresses.

Skill-Based Debuffs

Skill-Based Debuffs are Debuffs that are applied to creatures and/or other players. These icons will appear beneath the player or creature that you've debuffed. While the icons on-screen will be smaller, here is a summary of each of the debuffs that you can apply to a creature!

For the Debuff Icon column, you will see a large and a small icon. The large one will appear in the lower left corner of your screen, and the small one will appear beneath your character, when the debuff is affecting you. The small icon will appear beneath any entity on which you've applied the debuff.

Skill-Based Debuffs
Debuff IconDebuff NameDebuff Description
buff_focus_big.png buff_focus.pngFocus Debuff from Focus (Skill)Additional damage based on the target's remaining HP. Up to 90% of your attacks will be aimed at your Focused Target.
buff_hunters_eye_big.png buff_hunters_eye.pngHunter's Eye Debuff from Hunter's Eye (Skill)Up to a 9% chance of doing up to 2x damage to a Monster until it is dead. Doesn't apply to Bosses or Player-Owned Creatures.
buff_oiyoi_master_presence_big.png buff_oiyoi_master_presence.pngOiyoi Master Debuff from Oiyoi Master (Skill)This debuff appears on all Monsters when you have Oiyoi Master Level 2 or higher, and represents the reduction of speed that's applied to nearby enemies.
buff_provoke_big.png buff_provoke.pngProvoke Debuff from Provoke (Skill)Up to a 100% chance to provoke monsters within 200m to come fight you instead of run away. Also gives up to a -2 defense debuff for up to 10 seconds.
buff_bane_big.png buff_bane.pngBane Debuff from Monster Bane (Skill)Up to a +3 Attack to monsters of a certain type for 20 seconds after defeating a monster of a similar type. You receive -1 defense from monsters of a different type during the Bane's Effect.
buff_taunt_big.png buff_taunt.pngTaunt Debuff from Taunt (Skill)Calls monsters to you to attack inside your circle. You receive up to a +3 Defense during the 40 seconds Taunt duration.
buff_deathsoar_judgement_big.png buff_deathsoar_judgement.pngDeathsoar Judgement Debuff from Deathsoar Judgement (Skill)Causes victim to take up to 10HP damage for every 100 meters they move and lasts for 5 seconds with as little as 1 minute cooldown.
buff_deathsoar_judgement_placed_big.png buff_deathsoar_judgement_placed.pngDeathsoar Judgement Placed from Deathsoar Judgement (Skill)Appears when a player Places Judgement on a target.
buff_plague_big.png buff_plague.pngPlague Debuff from Plague Strike (Skill)Causes the victim an average of up to 2HP damage per second for 20 seconds and spreads to nearby entities. Cooldown as little as 5 minutes.
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