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While you're hunting in the Sky Realm, you'll come across many different types of Buff and Debuff icons beneath your Airship. Below, you can find a list of all Buffs and Debuffs that can be applied to you or your Airship while in the Sky.


Personal Airship-Specific Buffs

Certain Airships have special Buffs that grant them additional benefits. Below, you'll find a list of each of the Airship Buff images, both big and small, as well as links to each of the Airships that are capable of these Buffs.

Airship Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_brawler_penetrating_fire_big.png buff_brawler_penetrating_fire.pngPenetrating Fire Buff from Brawler AirshipThe Penetrating Fire upgrade for Brawler Airships allows the Airship's cannons to penetrate enemies Armor when the Buff is active.
buff_brawler_turbo_big.png buff_brawler_turbo.pngTurbo Buff from Brawler AirshipThe Turbo Boost upgrade for Brawler Airships allows the Brawler to move at accelerated speeds for periods of time, with a cooldown.

Special Kingdom Buffs

Being in a Kingdom has many perks, and you can enjoy several of them while in the Sky! If your Kingdom has any of the below Perks, you can benefit from some of the Buffs described below.

Special Kingdom Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_island_brick_big.png buff_island_brick.pngBrick Island Buff from Brick MinesPlayers within a 5km radius of a Kingdom Brick Mine receive -3% Fuel consumption per Brick Mine level in their Airship.
buff_island_rally_big.png buff_island_rally.pngRally Island Buff from Rally PostsPlayers within a 5km radius of a Kingdom Rally Post receive +1% Armor increase per Rally Post level in their Airship.
buff_island_siege_big.png buff_island_siege.pngSiege Post Buff from Siege PostsPlayers within a 5km radius of a Kingdom Siege Post receive +2% Damage increase per Siege Post level in their Airship.
buff_imperial_dreadnought_big.png buff_imperial_dreadnought.pngImperial Dreadnought Buff from Imperial Dreadnought PerkThe Kingdom Flagship, and all Allies within 5km of the Flagship on land or in the sky will receive a 10% increased movement speed.

Kingdom Airship-Specific Buffs

The Kingdom Airship has special Buffs that can only be found on Kingdom Airships. Below, you can find a list of the Kingdom Airship's Buffs as well as a short description of each one along with links to more specific information.

Kingdom Airship-Specific Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashx?displayLayers=ship_kingdom_flag_ship_up_right,buff_flying_fortress Flying FortressThe Flying Fortress allows the Kingdom Airship to become a temporary Kingdom estate that Golems can visit.

Sky-Based Element Buffs

Sky-Based Element Buffs are obtained when your Airship is carrying one of a specific Element and you Harvest another. If you're on your Griffin Mount and you're carrying an Element. Harvesting any additional Element will replace your current Element with the new one, and use the existing Element as your Element Buff.

  • Example: Your Airship is carrying one Fire Element. You Harvest another Fire Element. When you harvest this second Fire Element, you'll receive the Fire Buff, as described below.
  • Example: Your Griffin is carrying one Fire Element. You Harvest a Wind Element. Your Fire Element that you're currently carrying will become a Fire Buff, as described below, and the WInd Element will go into the Element Slot.
Elemental Buffs Chart
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_elemental_aether_big.png buff_elemental_aether.pngAether Buff from Aether ElementNext 3 jumps Fuel cost reduced by 80%.
buff_elemental_fire_big.png buff_elemental_fire.pngFire Buff from Fire Element10% increased damage for 5 minutes.
buff_elemental_lightning_big.png buff_elemental_lightning.pngLightning Buff from Lightning Element20% faster movement speed for 5 minutes.
buff_elemental_water_big.png buff_elemental_water.pngWater Buff from Water ElementHealth regeneration for 5 minutes. Will heal 1HP per 5 seconds for every 200 MAX HP you have. Example: You have 3200HP. You'll heal 16HP every 5 seconds. This will not expire at full HP like a Berry would.
buff_elemental_wind_big.png buff_elemental_wind.pngWind Buff from Wind Element8% faster attack speed for 5 minutes.

Sky-Based Cloud Buffs

Sky-Based Cloud Buffs are semi-automatic buffs that are granted to you temporarily whenever you walk through one of the three different Clouds that you'll see floating around in the Sky Realm. These buffs are granted to you temporarily, and each buff contains two attributes. All of these Buffs are described in the following table.

Cloud Buffs Chart
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_cloud_evasion_big.png buff_cloud_evasion.pngEvasion Buff from Fog CloudGrants +30% Evasion. Reduces Attack Range by 20%.
buff_cloud_damage_big.png buff_cloud_damage.pngDamage Buff from Static CloudGrants +20% Damage. Reduces Movement Speed by 20%.
buff_cloud_speed_big.png buff_cloud_speed.pngSpeed Buff from Gale CloudGrants +25% Movement Speed. Reduces Armor by 20%.

Airship Debuffs

While a lot of these Debuffs can also be applied to creatures and other players on land, they can be applied in the Sky Realm as well. They're included in the list of Airship Debuffs listed below.

Airship Debuffs
Debuff IconDebuff NameDebuff Description
buff_toresti_maul_big.png buff_toresti_maul.pngMaul Debuff from TorestiWhen your Airship receives the Toresti Maul Debuff, you will receive additional damage for the duration of the debuff.
buff_ice_big.png buff_ice.pngIce Debuff from Water ElementalsWhen your Airship is hit with the Ice Debuff from Water Elementals, your Airship's movement speed is slowed.
buff_lightning_big.png buff_lightning.pngLightning Debuff from Lightning ElementalsWhen your Airship has the Lightning Debuff, your Airship will take damage every few seconds. This damage increases when you are surrounded by Shocklings.
buff_fire.pngFire Debuff from Fire ElementalsWhen you are battling Fire Elementals in the Sky, your ship will catch on fire and take damage every few seconds until the Fire debuff wears off.
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