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Sky Dock

Sky Section of Dock Land Section of Dock
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A Sky Dock is a building that allows you to launch your Airship from. Sky Docks are built on land and can also be seen in the sky. These Sky Docks can only be built on City Flags. Kingdoms can also build a Kingdom Sky Dock.

Unlocking The Skydock

There are two methods you can use to unlock a Sky Dock and enable you to launch your airships from it.

  • Unlock on the ground
    • Purchasing an Airship from a Sky Dock, on the ground, will unlock that Sky Dock and enable you to use it.

Once that Sky Dock is unlocked, a new icon is added to the estate of which its located at. For example, if the Sky Dock was in West Hollywood, there would be a new icon on the image of West Hollywood in your Travel List.

Building The Sky Dock

Sky Docks can only be built in a City, and are built by the City Mayor.

They must be built within 2000m of the City Center. This makes every Sky Dock visible from the City Center.


Once It's Been Built...

Once you build a Sky Dock, you have multiple options. At a Sky Dock, you can:

  • Purchase an Airship
  • Launch your Airship into the skies
  • Purchase Cannons.

Note: To launch your Airship, the Sky Dock needs to be unlocked first.

HP: 40,000
Burn Time: 100 Hours

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