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Kingdom Skywards are Kingdom Buildings that attack enemy Airships. Skywards are built on the ground, and are built by converting a regular Kingdom Flag into a Kingdom Skyward. Skywards are one of the few structures that can be seen both on land and in the air. Skywards have an Air Range of 2500m (The radius of an air circle). Skywards, like other Kingdom Structures, have 5 different levels of upgrades. Skywards gain 2k HP for every level they gain and get additional damage. They also take 25 hours to burn.

Skywards attack once every 10 seconds.

BuildingCosts to Upgrade (Bricks)Cost to Upgrade (Construct Essence)InfluenceHPAttack Damage
Skyward (Lvl 1)2,000200902000144
Skyward (Lvl 2)6,0006001204000288
Skyward (Lvl 3)20,0002,0001506000432
Skyward (Lvl 4)60,0006,0001808000577
Skyward (Lvl 5)200,00020,00021010000720

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