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Spark Of The Corrupted

Spark Of The Corrupted


One of the bosses in the Tower Of The Golem. This boss emits electrical energy when attacked that deals multiple hits at once. You character may also develop a link type Symbol around your head when attacking this boss. This symbol will flash blue and means that attacking the boss again will result in your character becoming trapped by the spark for 15 seconds.

A defence measure the spark of corruption will use as it takes damage is a "Corrupted Self" which is a clone of any and all attackers with the players equal strengths, defence, weapons and armour (does not clone minions or philostratus trees).

As a final defensive measure the spark will transform into a swag item however selecting the pick up option results in instant death causing a decrease in max health of -5.

Killing this boss pays 10 Stonecore Sparks.

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