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Specialization Summary

This page has a condensed list of every Specialization Skill Tracks one can pursue after reaching Level 10 or gaining enough Skill Points by other means.

skill_assassin_training.png Assassin Training

skill_crafter_training.pngCrafter Training

  • Specializes in Crafting bonuses and Robot minion
  • Requirement: Tactics level 3

skill_druid_training.pngDruid Training

  • Specializes in Healing Aura, Dodge and powerful Minions
  • Requirement: Tactics level 3

skill_explorer_training.pngExplorer Training

  • Specializes in Exploring, Mapping and Speed
  • Requirement: Tactics level 3

skill_knight_training.png Knight Training

skill_legion_training.png Legion Training

skill_mercenary_training.pngMercenary Training

skill_merchant_training.pngMerchant Training

  • Specializes in Tax reduction, City travel reduction and maximizing Tactics Bonus instantly
  • Requirement: Tactics level 3

skill_militia_training.png Militia Training

skill_ninja_training.png Ninja Training

skill_oiyoi_master_training.pngOiyoi Master Training

skill_ranger_training.png Ranger Training

skill_thief_training.pngThief Training

skill_warrior_training.png Warrior Training

  • Specializes in axe.png Axes, HP bonuses and fighting fiercely when injured
  • Requirement: Cleave level 3
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