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Specialization Token Potion Buffs

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Specialization Token Potion-Based Buffs

First arriving to Parallel Kingdom in April 2013, Specialization Token Potion-Based Debuffs allow players to use some of their Specialization Tokens and other ingredients to create one of many new potions that give buffs based on the Specializtion Token they're created with. Token Tonic doubles the amount of tokens you earn for the duration of the Tonic, and Patriot's Potion actually increases the amount of Kingdom Pages you're allowed to earn your Kingdom each day! There are many different icons and buffs to learn, and every one of them are shown below. The large icon is what you'll see on the lower left section of your screen, and the small icon is what will show beneath your character. Read below to find out the benefits of each Specialization Token Potion!

Specialization Token Potion-Based Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_assassin_potion_big.png buff_assassin_potion.pngAssassin Potion Buff from Assassin PotionMakes you invisible when you go unaggressive and grants a +4 Attack Bonus if you attack while invisible.
buff_crafter_potion_big.png buff_crafter_potion.pngCrafter Potion Buff from Crafter PotionIncreases the chance of 2x drops from creatures by 10%.
buff_druid_potion_big.png buff_druid_potion.pngDruid Potion Buff from Druid PotionGrants +2 to your Minion attacks.
buff_explorer_potion_big.png buff_explorer_potion.pngExplorer Potion Buff from Explorer PotionGrants an additional +3 to your maximum Tactics bonus.
buff_knight_potion_big.png buff_knight_potion.pngKnight Potion Buff from Knight PotionReduces the movement speed penalties affecting you by 50%, including your encumbrance.
buff_legion_potion_big.png buff_legion_potion.pngLegion Potion Buff from Legion PotionAllows Metal Debuff effect of either your Armor or Shield to be applied, regardless of which item is actually being hit.
buff_mercenary_potion_big.png buff_mercenary_potion.pngMercenary Potion Buff from Mercenary PotionReflect your target's attack on you 15 seconds after you engage it, and each 15 seconds after that during the engagement.
buff_merchant_potion_big.png buff_merchant_potion.png Merchant Potion Buff from Merchant PotionAllows you to earn 7% more gold while hunting.
buff_militia_potion_big.png buff_militia_potion.pngMilitia Potion Buff from Militia PotionGrants a 10% chance of your ranged attack's distance being increased by 10.
buff_ninja_potion_big.png buff_ninja_potion.pngNinja Potion Buff from Ninja PotionGrants an additional 12% chance for your to Dodge attacks, and requires a skill with the ability for you to Dodge.
buff_oiyoi_master_potion_big.png buff_oiyoi_master_potion.pngOiyoi Master Potion Buff from Oiyoi Master PotionAllows you to have a 30% chance to naturally evade ranged attacks. Does not require a skill that gives you the ability to Dodge.
buff_patriots_potion_big.png buff_patriots_potion.png Patriot's Potion Buff from Patriot's PotionAllows players to earn their Kingdom an additional 10,000 Kingdom Pages per day. These Pages count against a second pool of 10,000 Pages.
buff_ranger_potion_big.png buff_ranger_potion.pngRanger Potion Buff from Ranger PotionGrants a 100% chance to apply a Slow Debuff, reducing target's movement speed by 10 for 10 seconds.
buff_thief_potion_big.png buff_thief_potion.pngThief Potion Buff from Thief PotionGives you a +4 Attack bonus when your target's HP is below 25% of its maximum HP.
buff_token_tonic_big.png buff_token_tonic.pngToken Tonic Buff from Token TonicDoubles all Token drops for both Specializations and Monsters.
buff_warrior_potion_big.png buff_warrior_potion.pngWarrior Potion Buff from Warrior PotionGives you a 5% chance of healing 20% of your missing HP every time you make an attack.
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