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Spider (Pet)


Spider Pets are hatched from Spider Eggs. Spider Eggs have a chance to drop from Spider Queens. Spiders can lay down web traps or power up to poison their prey.


Pet Attributes

  • 160 HP
  • +3 Base Attack
  • +4 Base Defence

Training Your Pet

Like all pets, Spiders can be leveled up by tapping them and choosing "Train Pet"

  • Each time you train your Spider it gains one level which increases its attack and defense
  • The effective level of all pets is capped by the taking the average of your highest level weapon and armor in your inventory. (Example: if you have a level 20 Sword and a level 10 Breastplate, the highest effective level of your pet would be 15)
  • You can't upgrade past your current effective level. If the Spider is leveled over your current effective level then it's effective level will be reduced (e.g. you borrow a +26 to upgrade then go back to having an effective level of 24, your Spider will say +26, but will only have the attributes of a +24 Spider)
  • Training your wolf pet will cost you 35 food per level

Feeding Your Pet

You can also feed your Spider to give it new life

  • This is done by tapping the Spider Whistle in your inventory
  • Feeding will summon your Pet to you
  • Feeding will also reset the pet's required rest timers so it will require only short rest periods between uses... until it ages again
  • Feeding does not reset any levels gained on the pet through training

Spider Pet Skills

The Spider Whistle will also allow you to teach your pet some special skills.

  • Webbed Trap Skill
    • Creates a webbed area on the ground that traps players that get near
  • Envenom Skill
    • Gives your spider pet the ability to poison its enemies
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