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This building is constructible on city flags only. Once you have built your City House, you will become a member of that City.
Once you build a City House, you will be able to go to "Menu" and then "Estates" and you'll see a small picture of your City House. By tapping this, you'll have the option to visit your City House. To go inside of your City House, tap it and select "Enter."
Anyone can enter your City House, but only you will be able to pick up and drop items inside. This allows you the ability to store items on the floor of your City House. You also have the ability to decorate your City House the same way as your Country Manor

You can only have one City House, so if you ever want to move it, you'll have to destroy your current one first and build a new one somewhere else. Destorying your City House will not result in you leaving the City. To leave your current City you will have to visit the City Center, tap it, and select "Leave City"

Resources Needed:

Building Hit Points: 10,000
Burn Time: 100 Hours