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Statue (Inventory Item)

Statues are the best way for you to show off your Trophy Hats and Limited Edition Hats - besides actually wearing them. Statues are bought from Traveling Merchants and once purchased, you can erect them on any territory you control. To erect one, just go into your inventory and select the Trophy Hat you'd like to see on the statue. As long as you have at least one Statue in your inventory, you'll see the option to "Erect Statue." Select that option and stand back as fellow players give you praise and tribute for your accomplishments.

Resources Needed:

Statue (Building)

If you happen to find a statue, you can tap on it and:

  • Admire - Will show you who is the owner of the statue, and the type of hat it displays.
  • Pay Tribute - You can send a gold donation to the statue's owner if you wish. This will allow you to enter the amount of gold you would like to donate, then asks you to confirm that you are sure you would like to do this. If you say yes, the gold is sent to the statue's owner, along with an automated personal message from you that indicates the amount of gold.
  • View Owner Profile
  • Burn and Declare War
    • If you have 20 crude oil in your inventory, you can set the statue on fire. Eventually it will be destroyed unless it is repaired first. If you are not already an enemy of the statue's owner, this option will make you an enemy.
    • It will ask you for confirmation before actually setting the statue on fire.
    • You might want to try "Admire" before choosing to set the statue on fire, so that you can see who the owner is.