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Stone is a very valuable resource in Parallel Kingdom. It has many uses, such as:

Stone is also a great item to trade at Trade Posts and Trade Hubs. You can make a good amount of food or gold from selling stone at a Trade Post or Trade Hub. Stone is mined from Stone Caves. Stone Caves can be mined once every 6 hours. You have a chance of mining a second piece of stone from Stone Caves if you have the skill Troodont Doctrine. Normally, mining a stone cave takes 20 Seconds, but can be brought down to 1 second if you are wearing Mining Gloves, which are gloves craftable by Platinum Members. Mining time can also be reduced by wearing a mining ring, which will reduce mining time by 3, 5, or 10 seconds (depending on the type of ring).

Weight: 0.1 kg each Dump value: 30 Gold