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Stone Cave


Stone Caves are found randomly as you explore territory. They are somewhat rare and the Stone they give can be very useful. Troodonts really like Caves so you may have to fight off a group of them first. To get Stone from an unclaimed Cave (shown above), tap the Cave and select "Mine." A Cave can be mined for more Stone every 6 hours.

Players using Troodont Doctrine Level 1 are able to see caves, even when they are outside of their visible circle.

Resources Needed (to claim a stone cave): 2 Wood

Claimed Stone Cave Types


Public Stone Cave

The public passage stone cave (shown above) can be visited by any player, as long as they are not an enemy of the cave owner. You may have to pay a fee, dictated by the player's public flag toll, to visit these caves.

If the owner of the cave has their Public Stone Mining enabled with a cost set, then anyone (even an enemy of the player) can mine stone from these caves. If you want to stop players from being able to mine from your own caves, you can use the "Revoke Mining Rights" options in your passage book.


Normal Stone Cave

The Normal Passage stone cave (shown above) can only be visited by players who have passage on the cave owner's flags. You may have to pay a fee, dictated by the passage cost that the owner grants you, to visit these caves.

However, if you can get close enough to one of these caves you may be able to mine them without requiring passage from the player. Again, as with public mines, this depends on whether the owner of the cave has their Public Stone Mining enabled.


Private Stone Cave

Shown above is a private stone cave, this cave has been claimed by its owner, and they have no intention of sharing the resources. These caves cannot be visited or mined by anyone except the cave owner.

If the Cave is owned by another player , you might want to leave it alone. However, if you're really determined to get at the Stone inside, you can tap the Cave and select "Attack" to destroy the Cave's defenses. Then burn (costs 20 Crude Oil) to remove the player's ownership of the cave. Once the cave has been returned to the unclaimed state, you're free to mine it again.

Building Hit Points: 200 HP
Burn Time: 30 Seconds