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Stone Minotaur


The Stone Minotaur is the first of three bosses inside the Tower of the Golem. He is a massive stone-covered dinosaur with a very bad temper! When you attack him, he tends to charge at you and throw you a good distance away from him, attempting to deal as much damage as he can.

gmo_healer_monolith.png gmo_neutralizing_pillars_broken.png

While fighting the Stone Minotaur, you'll notice four of these Healer Monoliths: one in each corner of the room. When you're battling the Stone Minotaur, you'll need to lead him close to these monoliths so when he charges you, he breaks the monolith, which will stop healing him every time you hit him. The broken monolith will eventually be repaired by a Stone Golem, so be sure to kill it quickly before the monolith gets repaired!

Killing this boss pays 10 Stonecore Sparks.

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