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Stonecore Spark

Mysterious material which gives sentient life to the stone, metal and gem golems found in the Tower of the Golem. 150 Sparks are required to unlock Monolith Drafting. 10 Stonecore Sparks are aquired from defeating the Stone Minotaur and another 10 are recieved from defeating the Spark Of The Corrupted. 40 Stonecore Sparks are aquired for defeating the final boss, Jhramet. After you defeat Jhramet, you will be in front of the Stonecore Forge. After completing a few Tower of Golems, you should have enough Stonecore Sparks to unlock Monolith Drafting at the forge. After that, Stonecore Sparks that you earn can be used for whatever you want. You could give them to a friend, sell them at a Trade Post or just dump them for gold!

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