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Summoned Troll


Trolls can be both respectful and hostile to humans. But if you happen to get on the Troll's good side, they might help you. If you happen to have Troll Lore Level 3, then your relationship with the Trolls will be quite strong. Strong enough for them to want to help you in battle! If you have Troll Lore Level 3, you can summon trolls to come and help you in battle! You can summon one troll at a time. If you want to get the max number of trolls helping you at once, (3 Trolls is the max) then you need to summon them one by one, as you can only summon one troll at a time. Summoned Trolls do not spawn more trolls. You can also heal all of your trolls at once by clicking on them. Trolls, if properly equipped, can be very helpful to your PK life. Don't underestimate the power of Summoned Trolls!

Summoned Trolls

  • Tap the Troll Horn in your inventory and choose "Summon Troll"
  • Can summon 1 Troll every 3 minutes (max of 3 trolls out)
  • Summoned Trolls use your Effective Level to determine their attack and defence strength (capping at 25) unless the gear you give them is greater than +25
  • Trolls have in addition +3 Attack
  • Trolls pick berries from Mourning Trees to heal themselves when severely injured
  • Trolls can can be equipped with weapons and armor with Troll Horn using "Manage Troll Items" option
    • Trolls can be equipped with any Body Armor (but they cannot Dodge)
    • Trolls can be equipped with either Melee Weapon and Shield or optionally a Ranged Weapon
    • This includes leveled and metalled gear to make your trolls even more powerful!
  • Trolls will occasionally free you from nets or spider webs
  • You can purchase 10 Roc Feathers from your Summoned Troll for 90 Gold.
  • You can earn forgiveness from all Trolls by giving your Summoned Troll a gift of Mourning Berries.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Gear that you have given your Summoned Trolls to use does not fall to the ground if the Troll dies. When that Troll is summoned again, the gear reappears, or it can be managed through the Troll Horn in your Inventory whether or not the Troll is Summoned.

Using a Leader/Commanding Ring: You STILL cannot have more than three Trolls Summoned at one time. The ring allows more TOTAL minions, but does not increase the maximum number of Summoned Trolls beyond three.