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Sunken City


A Sunken City is one of the hardest dungeons in all of PK. They can only be found on water, and require Level 30 to enter. They also require a torch to enter, which costs:

Once you are in the Sunken City, there are three sub-bosses and one final boss. The sub-bosses are Dark Overseer, Hydraloth, and Dark General. The final boss is the Khaothul. Each time a boss is defeated, you will recieve Khaos Orb(s): 1 from each of the sub-bosses, and 3 from the final boss.

Total Khaos Orbs for completing a Sunken City:

A Sunken City is very hard and rewarding, but once you have 25 Khaos Orbs, you can unlock the Aquarian Inscriptions skill by approaching a Sunken City from the outside, and selecting it as if you were going to enter.

For a much more detailed walkthrough/information page on the Sunken City, see the Sunken City Walkthrough.