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Tail Swing

A skill that can be trained for a pet Dragon.

Food must be spent to initially train this skill. After your Dragon has learned it, there is no further cost to use the skill, whenever your pet is out.

Tail Swing is an area effect attack. It has a fairly small range, but affects everything within that range, including structures that you are not enemied to, as well as monsters, and player enemies.

It is a particularly effective attack against buildings, although not all types of buildings are susceptible to it. You can only do damage to a specific structure directly (by hitting it yourself, or with an attack such as a Tail Swing) once every 24 hours.

Unlike all other forms of attack against buildings, including hitting it yourself, Tail Swing does not require you to be enemies with the building's owner to be effective. If you decide to use it for hunting on someone else's territory, be sure that you aren't standing too close to their flags, buoys, mines, roc shrines, or guard towers. The same goes for city and kingdom structures, although it generally won't affect the city/kingdom you are a member of.

For some people, Tail Swing is also not effective against city structures belonging to others who are members of the same city, even when enemied. If you have this issue, it might not go away, even if you move to another city - although then your Tail Swing would work properly against your previous city members, it wouldn't work against the new ones.

To use Tail Swing, bring out your Dragon to hunt (or "to feed"). Make sure the Dragon is exactly where you want the damage to be dealt. A good way to do this, is to move there yourself, then tap the Dragon and use "Move to me".

When you are ready, tap the Dragon and do "Tail Swing". There is a 90 second cooldown between Tail Swings.

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