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Talara's Hopeful Badge

Earned: DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashx?displayLayers=badge_lilia Unearned: DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashx?displayLayers=badge_lilia_dark

Talara's Hopeful Badge is a badge given to players that have killed Lilia, the Alluring Voice, 50 times.

Completing this badge will earn the player the Title of "The Alluring".

Talara's Hopeful Badge will be awarded to KD's that have members that have killed Lilia 150 times. For every kill added to one of the member's kill counts towards their personal badge, 1 kill is added to the Kingdom Badge kill count (up to five). Once completed the kingdom will receive a Lilia Head that can be mounted on the castle wall. This will provide a kingdom buff of +1 Defense against water monsters.

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