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Tank Airship


The Tank is a Tier Three Airship. It is an upgraded version of the Fighter Airship. The Tank Airship comes with all of the great abilities of the Cruiser and the Fighter, and also has some of its own special abilities! There are a few different requirements to upgrade your Fighter Airship into a Tank Airship.

Cost to Upgrade to Tank Airship
600 food.png500 construct_essence.png330 stone.png
Food = food.png
Construct Essence = construct_essence.png
Stone = stone.png

Tank Airship General Stats

  • Cost per Jump: 450 Fuel
  • Fuel Capacity: 4500
  • HP: 3,500
  • Speed: 90
  • Armor: 54%
  • Cannons:
    • 1 Lightweight Slot
    • 1 Midweight Slots
    • 3 Heavyweight Slots

Tank Airship Upgrades

The Tank Airship, like all other Airships, has specific Hull Upgrades (Regeneration, and Rate of Fire). The available Hull upgrades for the Tank Airship can be seen here: Cost to Upgrade Tank Airship. Also, since the Tank Airship is a Tier Three Airship, it cannot be upgraded into any other kind of Airship.

Select Primary / Secondary Color

You can also change the color of your airship from the manifest by selecting a primary and secondary color. See Airship Colors

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