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The Tavern is a place for players to socialize, drink Roc Nog and Berry Punch, post messages on the Tavern bulletin board. Any player can enter any tavern. The Tavern has two levels and can only be built the City's Mayor.

Level Information

  • Level 1:
    • tavern_1.png
    • Costs:
    • Sells Roc Nog and Berry Punch Drinks at the Bar for 250 Gold
    • Has a Tavern Bulletin Board
      • gmo_tavern_board.png
      • Built in Sign that only City Members can set
      • Automatically 'signs' each post with the author's name
    • 40,000 Hit Points

  • Level 2:
    • tavern_2.png
    • Costs:
    • Sells Roc Nog and Berry Punch Drinks at the Bar for 200 Gold
    • Adds Gyront Card Table (Wager set by Mayor [Max - 1000])
    • Adds Keg Holder (Players can place their own Keg)
      • gmo_keg_holder.png --- gmo_keg_holder_2.png
      • If the Keg Holder is empty, any player place their own Keg (it is by default open)
      • The Keg Owner can choose the price per drink (up to 2000 Gold)
      • When the Keg is gone or goes bad, the container automatically gets removed
      • Kegs go bad after 1 day in the Tavern (Different from 3 days in a House)
    • 80,000 Hit Points

While Inside

  • Talk with other people inside using Tavern Chat
  • Change the color of your name by drinking Roc Nog and Berry Punch
  • Play Gyront Cards with other players
  • Post messages to other city members
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