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Territory Map


A Territory Map is created from a Territory Map Kit. When you create a Territory Map you can give it a name. The Territory map brings up a zoomed out map that shows all flags you can visit within a large radius at the time the map was created. Territory Maps in your inventory will show up when using your Compass as small map icons. Tapping the icon will bring you to the full map. The Map can not be viewed without a Compass. Your profile will contain a list of all the Territory Maps in your inventory (only viewable by the owner of the profile). The list will contain a permanent link to the territory map viewed in Google Maps. This link can be shared freely to anyone. On this page there is also a link to download the territory map so you can load it into Google Earth and view it in 3D!

Players with Cartography level 1 can recycle a Territory Map for 3 Parchment.

Weight: 0.1 kg
Dump value: 10 Gold