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The Age of Ascension Update


The Age of Ascension Update was the largest update to Parallel Kingdom ever. It was released on February 12, 2013. This update lay the foundation for everything that the Age of Ascension had to offer. The most notable additions to the game during this update were the Sky Realm, Airships, and the overhaul of the skill system. The update is explained in detail below.


The Sky Realm


The newest major addition to PK with the Age of Ascension was the Sky Realm. The Sky Realm is a completely seperate entity from the Land Realm. Up until the Age of Ascension, PK has always taken place on the Land Realm. With the addition of the Sky Realm, you can spend your time not only on land, but also in the air! The Land and Sky Realms are mostly seperate, although there are a few bridges between them, namely Sky Docks. One of the special things about the Sky Realm is the HUD Markers. On the outside of your Sky circle, there are little icons that point in the direction of an "objective." Objectives can be elements, buildings, floating islands, etc. The smaller the circle is, the farther away the objective is. Also, if the circle is an aqua/teal color, it means that the objective is farther away than the smallest possible normal marker. Once you keep following an aqua/teal marker, it will become a regular marker. While in the Sky Realm, there are two ways to travel around. You can use a mount or an Airship. Airships use Fuel to move circles, and are much stronger than mounts, although mounts have no restriction on changing circles. Airships can be upgraded, and the better the Airship, the better the experience in the Sky. Throughout the Sky Realm, there are many different buildings which can be unlocked by using Elements. The monsters that inhabit the Sky Realm are also different from the Land Realm, as they are mostly Elementals. Not only are the monsters in the Sky Realm different, but the entire system of combat is different in the Sky versus on Land.

Sky Buildings


There were multiple Sky Realm buildings released with this update. The buildings, along with a short description and the cost to unlock them are as follows.

Sky Dock


Sky Docks are one of the few buildings in Parallel Kingdom that span both realms. Sky Docks can be used to launch your Airhsip into the skies, as well as to dock your Airship after a nice trip in the Air. From the Land Realm, Sky Docks are also the places that you can purchase your Airship and its Cannons from. Sky Docks must be unlocked to launch or land your Airship. To unlock a Sky Dock from the Sky, you need a Lightning Element, a Wind Element, and a Fire Element. Also, if you purchase an Airship from any Sky Dock, it is automatically unlocked. Once a Sky Dock is unlocked, you can use it forever.



Refineries are Sky buildings that can be used to refine raw elements into refined rods. To use a Refinery, it must first be unlocked by using a Lightning Element, a Water Element, and a Wind Element. Once a refinery is unlocked, you can use it forever. There are three types of rods that can be made at refineries.

Fueling Station

fueling_station_gold.png fueling_station_oil.png

Fueling Stations are Sky buildings that sell Fuel for either Gold or Refined Oil. There are two types of Fueling Stations, one is a Gold Fueling Station, and the other is a Refined Oil Fueling Station. Fueling Stations must be unlocked to use, but once they are unlocked you can use them forever. Unlocking them costs a Lightning Element, a Water Element, and a Fire Element.

Seeker Temple


Seeker Temples are Sky buildings that can be used to create NPC Construct Airships. They must be unlocked to use, and can be unlocked by using a Wind Element, a Water Element, and a Fire Element. Once a Seeker Temple is unlocked, you can essentially "purchase" three different things from it. You can get either a Construct Battleship, a Construct Dreadnaught, or an Ancient Cloud City. These all require different Sky resources to create. Once you purchase them, a projectile will shoot out within the vicinity of the Seeker Temple, and the ship or city will be ready for you to defeat and explore.

Floating Islands


Floating Islands are one of the most important buildings in the Sky Realm. On a Floating Island, you can build mines which produce very valuable Fragments. There are three kinds of Fragments, and each fragment has its own kind of mine. Char Fragments, Gust Fragments, and Shock Fragments. All actions involving Floating Islands require the use of an Aether Element.

Sky Monsters

fire_elemental.png wind_elemental.png aether_elemental.png water_elemental.png lightning_elemental.png

The majority of the monsters present in the Sky Realm are Elementals. There are five kinds of elementals for the five different elements. Fire Elemental, Wind Elemental, Aether Elemental, Water Elemental, and Lightning Elemental. Each elemental has a chance of dropping their respective element. There are also other kinds of monsters in the Sky Realm, and even some that ony spawn when on an Airship, like the Thunderthrall. All monsters in the Sky Realm will always drop Levitation Energy when they are defeated, and also have a slight chance to drop a small amount of Airship Fuel.



Clouds are a very important part of the Sky Realm, because they not only are the main source of Elements, but can also provide special buffs. There are three kinds of clouds. Gale Clouds, which give a buff that increases movement speed, Static Clouds, which give a buff that increases damage, and Fog Clouds, which gives a buff that increases evasion. The cloud-related buffs are given when your Airship or mount is either in the cloud or extremely close to it. Once you move away from the cloud, the buff goes away.



Airships are the primary form of travel through the Sky Realm. Airships can be purchase from a Sky Dock. Once purchased, the primary form of an Airship is the Cruiser. The Cruiser can be upgraded into a Tier 2 Airship, either a Scout Airship or a Fighter Airship. From there, they can be upgraded into Tier 3 Airships. Elemental Airship and Artillery Airship for the Scout, and Brawler Airship and Tank Airship for the FIghter. Each Airship has different Hull Upgrades, which greatly increase the capability of the Airship. Some upgrades are as basic as raising the HP of the Airship, and others are more advanced, like the ability for your AIrship to launch an Elemental Net. Each Hull Upgrade costs a combination of Levitation Energy, Refined Oil, and some Land resource. Airships also have Cannons. There are 4 tiers of cannons, and the higher the tier, the more powerful. Dreadnaught/Tier 4 Cannons can only be equipped on the Kingdom Airship, and are not usable on personal Airships. FInally, all Airships besides the Cruiser have Crewmembers. The Crew will help you in boarding battles, and you can equip them with weapons and armor.

New Metals

levitation_metal.png wind_metal.png aether_metal.png lightning_metal.png

Four new Special Metals were introduced with the Age of Ascension Update. Levitation Metal, Wind Metal, Aether Metal, and Lightning Metal. All of these new metals require some Sky Resources to craft, and like all other metals, can be crafted by using the Metallurgy Skill.

Death Changes


With the Age of Ascension Update, the way that death works completely changed. Instead of losing 10% of your gold upon death, you now lose 1% of your current pages bar. The only way that gold can be lost after this update is if a Thief steals it from you. Besides that, there is no concern to carry extreme amounts of gold. Since gold can no longer be lost upon death, there is no use for a Purse anymore. Purses were all converted into Journals, which, like purses, have levels. For each level the Journal has, it earns you an additional 1% Pages, City Coins, and Bricks. The max level for a Journal is level 10, and only your highest level Journal will take effect.

War Changes


There are multiple changes to Kingdom War released with the Age of Ascension Update, and one of the larger changes is the introduction of the Kingdom Ark. Kingdom Arks can be built to save resources if your Kingdom is destroyed. The Kingdom Ark cannot be destroyed, and will keep a percentage of the materials that the Kingdom has invested into its towers, obelisks, and flags. The higher the level of the Kingdom Ark, the more resources it will protect. Another large change is that when the HP of a Kingdom Castle is depleted, the Kingdom is still intact. Kingdom Messages, Chat, and Members stay the same as always. Once the ruler has the materials ready to build a new Castle, it can be built anywhere they desire, and the Kingdom will start over building from the new spot.

Skills Overhaul


With the release of the Age of Ascension Update, the entire Skills system was completely changed around. Not only were multiple new skills, skill points, and abilities added, but the way that many of the existing skills worked was changed. A tier system was created, and it can be seen in deep detail here. Since every level of ever skill now only costs 1 Skill point, and since 6 new skill points were added for purchase by Aether Energy and Food from Monks, there are 19 additional Skill Points to be spent. Also, retraining your skills is now a full thing. If you want to retrain one skill, you retrain all of them. This costs 300 Food, and 150 Food if you are a Platinum Member.



Amulets are a new wearable item. They each have three attributes, instead of a ring's two attributes. Unlike rings, the only way to get Amulets is to craft them. (Or purchase them from a Trade Post) Amulets can be crafted on your Workbench in the Workshop of your Country Manor. They need 1,000 Ring Shards and 20 Amulet Links. If you want, you can add in 3 Ring Cores to garuntee a bonus from the Ring Core's Provenance pool. Once your Amulet is crafted, you will be able to do what you please. You can only have one amulet equipped at a time, but can have as many as you want in your inventory. FInally, the Amulet bonuses DO NOT stack with Ring bonuses.

Trade Tents


Trade Tents were a secret feature that was announced at the last minute, right before the update was released. Trade Tents can be used to safely trade items, food, and gold between players. To build a Trade Tent, you need a Trade Tent Kit, which can be found through the Mercantilism skill. If you are a Merchant, you don't need Trade Tent Kits, and can just build a Trade Tent out of a certain amount of Silk.

Inventory Storage

map_atlas.png jewelry_box.png hat_rack.png

WIth the release of the Age of Ascension comes the release of three new inventory storage items. The Map Atlas, the Jewlery Box, and the Hat Rack will be in your inventory to hep reduce clutter. The Map Atlas is a collection of all the maps that you own. The Jewlery Box stores all of your Rings and Amulets. Finally, the Hat Rack is the place where you can find all of your hats. TO view the items enclosed in the storage, just click on either the Map Atlas, Jewlery Box, or Hat Rack in your inventory.

New Hats and Badges

worn_hat_levitation_energy.png worn_hat_construct_kills.png worn_hat_elemental_buffs.png worn_hat_rods_refined.png

4 new Sky-related Hats were released, in addition to two new Kingdom Hats, as well as 11 new badges. The personal hats are as follows. Dalsum's Striped Cap is the Hat given to the player that collects the most Levitation Energy every week. Skybuck's Pilot Helmet is the Hat given to the player that destroys the most Construct Cruisers every week. Angh's Power Cap is the Hat given to the player that collects the most Elemental Buffs. Franklin's Hat is the Hat given to the player that refines the most elemental rods per week. The two new Kingdom hats are as follows. Sky Lord's Crown is the Hat given to the Kingdom that has the most SKY Influence every week. Sky Admiral's Hat is the Hat given to the Kingdom that has the most SKY Conquest every week.

Buffs and Quickslots

buff_aether_big.png quick_slot_heal.png

The entire buff system has been changed, making it much more efficient. The entire buff system can be seen here. Also, a second row of Quickslots are now available, and can be unlocked for 100 Platinum each. There have also been many other behind-the-scenes server changes and small tweaks and improvements to the overall game.

For now, that's all. The Age of Ascension Update is one that will live in PK history. The Guide contains a wealth of knowledge, and it shouldn't be overlooked. Use the guide, for it is an extremely valuable source of information. Enjoy the Age of Ascension!

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