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The Almighty Thunderthrall is one of the most sought after monster in all of the Parallel Kingdom Sky Realm, and for a very good reason, too! Once you've defeated it (tips and info given below), you'll be the proud new owner of a Lightning Feather!

Battling the Thunderthrall

When you first encounter a Thunderthrall, you may not be exactly sure what to do which is why you're here, right? After you read this information, you'll understand what to do when you encounter a Thunderthrall so you can obtain one of the Lightning Feathers that I'm sure you're drooling over!

Arriving in a Thunderthrall's circle will startle the Thunderthrall, causing it to fly rapidly toward your Ship. When it does this, it will attack you for about ten seconds then it will drop a Lightning Pulse before moving to a different part of the circle. This Lightning Pulse will last for 1 minute, and it will do damage to your Airship if you're too close to it. This cycle happens three times.

Once the third Lightning Pulse is dropped, the Thunderthrall will flee outside of your current circle, leaving one more Lightning Pulse in its tracks so you can follow it. The Thunderthrall does this a few more times, leaving Lightning Pulses in its path so you can follow them to its next location, where you MUST attack it within one minute or else it will flee.

This whole cycle can last three to four times before you finally defeat the Thunderthrall, so you'll need to be on your feet and well-aware of what's going on during the battles and chases.

Drops: levitation_energy.png Levitation Energy, lightning_feather.png Lightning Feather

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